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Imaging New Worlds

No description

Educurious Team

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Imaging New Worlds

Imagining New Worlds
Need to Know Question
What can we learn about ourselves and our society from dystopian worlds?
Module 1 Imagining New Worlds
Explore archetypal themes and characters
Read and annotate a dystopian text
Video with the Gary Ross, Hunger Games director
Module 2
Identifying Social Commentary
Read choice of short story - annotate commentary
Write a short story
Review with your peers
Share with your expert
Module 3
Making Comparisons

Compare dystopias
Conduct a Socratic seminar
Create an essay outline
Write a comparative essay
Peer review and revising
Expert review
Module 4
Preparing your Project
Write a story
is set in dystopian world
contains social commentary
develops interesting characters
mind control
human perfection
end of world
Educurious interview
Gary Ross on Writing
use a graphic organizer
Studio Days
Graphic Novel Project
Film Project
Analyze Graphic Novels
Develop characters and arc
Write drafts
Ilustrate using Pixton
Practice script in Celtx
Learn video craft
Your Choice of
Dystopian Projects:
Educurious volunteer
Socratic seminar

Write and produce a video
Write and illustrate
a graphic novel
Unit Wrap Up
Share your graphic novel or film project with your class and with your experts.

Take a bow!
On the way there you read a dystopian novel and study how authors create characters and convey social commentary
Types of dystopian futures
The Lottery
The Pedestrian
Harrison Bergeron
Get feedback from your expert about your story
Video on illustrator Van Allsburg
Why Care?
By the end of the unit, you will
Better appreciate a popular genre for books and movies
Know the signs of a dystopia
Be able to discuss and write about societal tradeoffs
Communicate your social commentary through fiction
Get a taste for writing, illustrating, or directing as a career
Here are the steps you will follow on the path to understanding dystopias
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