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Of Mice and Men by luis Roman Klasse 11C

No description

Luis Roman

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Of Mice and Men by luis Roman Klasse 11C

Of Mice and Men
By John Steinbeck Characters:
The Boss
Curlie´s wife Setting: - Soledad, California
- Salinas Valley
- Tyler ranch Theme of the story: The American dream as a perfect
life. Migrants workers and Friendship. Rising Actions: Geoge an lennie are runnig awayfrom problems. When lennie gets in trouble he goes near the river.
Curlie´s wife flirts with geoge and Lennie.
George and Lennie are running away from problems.
Then if Lennie gets in trouble he must go back near the river.
Candy´s dog get killed. Falling actions: Candy´s dog get killed, but lennie gets a new puppy..
Lennue kills curly´s wfe and then candy finds the body and
lennie runs away. Hook: 1)George says to lennie: " don´t mess in love with her, she´s problem". These Statement: In of Mice and Men, written by Steinbeck, George and Lennie suffers the consecuenses of the American dream. End: The story has a surprise ending
in which one of the main characters(Lennie) dies, because George killed him and we can take it as an example of good death, because if George doesn´t kill Lennie, Curly will make ihm suffer and finally kill him.
That´s what we call eutanasia.
Luis Román 2)George doesn´t wannt to be with lennie, but lennie can´t do anything by itself, so he says: "You got it by heart. You can do it yourself" 3) When Lennie says: when are
we gonna have all the things we
are suppose to have here. 4)Lennie fall in love with
curlie´s wife, he says: She is
so beatiful or i´m dreaming.
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