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Copy of Singapore Airlines

Assignment for HTM490, San Diego State University

C. H.

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Can be tracked back to 1947. Originally Malaysian Airways Limited
1966 Malaysian Singapore Airlines was founded
Singapore Airlines 1972
17 000 employees, 7000 flight crew
63 destinations in 35 countries
Conde Nast's Traveller's "Best Global Airline", 21 consecutive years
17 155 000 passangers carried 11/12
Revenue 11/12: $12,070M
Profit: $181M (78%) Short Company Profile Best Practices Higher education
Service minded
Southeast Asia
Safety Requirements
Company Preferences
Training program New Hires
- Flight Stewardess SWOT Aircraft fleet
6 years 4 months old
Fuel efficient
2004; Singapore and New York Groundbraking
Free handsfree
Video/audio on demand
Satellite based inflight phones Innovative Outstanding Service CSR/Environment Singapore Girls
Book the Cook
1970; choice of meals and free drink in Economy Class
International Culinary Panel
Suits & First Class Harpan Rainforest
Green initiatives on the ground
Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group
Commitment to Carbon-Neutral Growth Corporate Structure Strenghts
Brand recognition
High standards
Customer loyalty program Opportunities
Traveller forecasts are good
Lowerd visa costs + weak $
Expand number of destinations
Co-branding Weaknesses
High costs
Small clientele
High expecatations
Declining margins Threats
High fuel costs/oil prices
Increasing competition
Downturn in global economy In-class tool TOWS S-O
Use the strong brand to create relations between other airline companies to extend number of destinations
Excellent qualities for long travels. Use the reduced visa cost and weak dollar to extend number of flights to the US S-T
Take advantage of CSR work to further strengthen the brand and create competitive advantage against cheaper airlines
Stay innovative and continue to buy new and fuel efficient aircrafts. Fuel prices are expected to keep rising W-T
Reduce number of faults that may cause unsatisfied customers due to their high expectations to keep them from switching to competing airlines through hiring more hostesses W-O
Expand options for more price concerning customers to meet an expected growing traveller demand since premium market is declining "Singapore Airlines is a global
company dedicated to providing
air transportation services of the
highest quality and to maximising
returns for the benefit of its
shareholders and employees."
Singapore Airlines'
Mission Statement CSR
Community Welfare, Arts & Heritage, Education, Sports, National Events
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