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Impressionist music

This prezi is about Impressionist Music

Bell Music

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Impressionist music

Impressionist Music
It was begun by Debussy in reaction to the dramatic and dynamic emotionalismn. History
1870-1920 How it was made It was devoloped in a style in which atomsphere,mood taking,and strong emotion. Debussy used new chord combinations,whole-tone chords,chromaticism,and exotic rythms and scales. Composers Claude Debussy,Charles Griffes
Paul Jean,Andre' Caplet are all artist for
Compresionist music. Charles Griffes was born on
September 17,1884 in Elmira, New York.
He liked to play the piano
and create music.
He also displayed an early interest in painting and Drama. 1870-1920 When an Author would
write a new piece they
would always make a piture
to go with it. Claude Debussy was born on
August 22,1862 in Paris, France
French Composer
He was originally hired to teach
childern how to play the Piano.
He was to good so he started to make imperssionist music and became very famous Debussy taught
childern how to
play impressionist
music on the piano. The movement began with the friendship at an academic school of music. Important Facts Debussy made a lot of
Harmony piece that are still
Famous till this day. It was important in the 19th
and 20 th cantury
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