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Script Writing

No description

James Hadden

on 15 October 2018

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Transcript of Script Writing

Script Writing
Learning Outcomes
To know how to set out a play script
Be able to write an original story or adapt an existing story
To write a script and perform it.

The setting - location, environment, time period
The Characters
Decide who the characters will be
Write a short description of each character
Keep the number of main characters as small as possible
Give the characters distinctive features
Know the story before you begin
Have the different scenes in mind
The dialogue, or the narrator, has to tell the story
Keep the story line simple

Set the scene (As a short paragraph)
Start a new line each time a new character speaks
Put the name of the speaker in a left hand margin, followed by a colon (:)
Give instructions to the character in brackets (often in italics too).
(Opening the door to let the King in.)
The words in brackets are not spoken.

You will need an introduction to outline all of this
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