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Argumentative writing

No description

erika steinger

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Argumentative writing

Argumentative writing
argumentative writing
unit eq: Does music censorship violate the first amendment?
lesson eq: how do we write an effective argumentative essay?
what is argumentative writing?
Argumentative essay
writing an argumentative essay
Take a position
writing an argumentative essay
writing an argumentative essay
Do Now:
A married couple was riding the subway together, holding hands, when the woman noticed her husband looking at another woman. The woman stared angrily at her husband and punched him in the arm. She then started screaming at him about how she saw him staring and he should only have eyes for her. Once she had finished yelling, the husband explained that he understood why she was upset, but he was only looking and would never cheat on her. Lastly, he apologized and told her that she was beautiful and that he would not do it again.
Read the argument above and match up the story with the steps on your sheet.
An argumentative essay is most commonly written to address controversial issues. Examples of argumentative essay topics include:

Does music censorship violate the First Amendment?
Should abortion be legal?
Should marijuana be legalized?
Do video games cause violent behavior in teens?
Are actors and professional athletes paid too much?
Is "stop and frisk" unconstitutional?

Just like in an argument, when writing an argumentative essay you must take a position. What is your opinion on the topic?

When selecting your stance (position), remember that you will have to support your claims with evidence. So, make sure that you can provide reasoning for feeling the way that you do.

In reality, we don't always have a reason for feeling the way we do. On the other hand, in argumentative writing, you MUST support your claims with evidence!

It helps to be passionate about your position, but that isn't always the case when you are being assigned a topic to write about. So, there will be times when you might have to put your opinions and emotions aside and choose the position that you have the most evidence for and can most effectively prove your claims for.

Like a detective, you must have proof if you want to make a case.
If everyone felt the same way you do, then it wouldn't be an argument. There are always two sides to the argument.
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