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Math in Art and Architecture.

A prezi on how Math is used in art and architecture.

Alexandra Lara

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Math in Art and Architecture.

MATH IN ART Presentation by: Alex Lara Math plays a big part in art. Some artists use math without even realizing it. The basic use of math in art are angles, shapes, lines, semetry and proportions. Angles are used to know how to place things so they match the background. So lets say you wanted to draw a person on the beach, you would have to angle the person in a way so it looks good with the beach background. Also when you are tilting the face, you need angles to correctly place them. Shapes basically make up everything. In portraits shapes are used as an outline, for the eyes, and literally everything. In art you need a well understanding of proportions and symmetry to make the drawing look a lot more realistic an look okay. Or else the eyes would be crooked or the face too small, lips too big. Ext.... Presentation by, Alex Lara Math In Art Art uses math in a variety of ways. Most artists use math without even realizing it. The basics of math in art are angles, shapes, symmetry and proportions. Like this.... But, trust me, Art an math go together in so many ways it will make your head hurt. So It'd be better not o think about it.
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