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Harriet Jenkins

on 3 June 2017

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Transcript of Galileo

Young Life
Major Acomplishments
Early Education
Space before Galileos' Birth
Galileo grew up in a world that was totally different to ours. In his time, the seventeenth century, everybody believed that the ancient greek philosophers had explained everything about space yet, this was almost 2 000 years before-hand! One of the greatest greeks was Aristotle who we know now was wrong about almost everything in physics.The powerful Catholic Church taught that Aristotle was right so to criticize him was almost like criticizing the church.
Galileo was born in the town of Pisa, Italy on the 15th of February 1564. Vincenzo, his father was musician and amateur scientist who wasn't afraid to challenge Aristotle beliefs... he actually enjoyed it!He tried to explain a mathematical reason for the way musical instruments worked. Galileo was the eldest of seven children.He had four sisters and two brothers.
Before Galileo turned ten he was taught at home by by a teacher called Jacopo Borghini. Galileo probably learnt things like basic grammar and mathematics,this is some thing that many other children at the time learnt.Unlike most others Galileo also liked to build mechanical toys. When he turned ten his family moved to Florence this is where Galileo went to school for the first time at a local monastery. He learned about Latin, Religion, mathematics and the little things that were found out about physics and mathematics.

Galileo often got into arguments with others who were also interested with space. His father was the main influence for Galileos' behavior.He argued with his Father when he stopped studying medicine at university and switched to mathematics, he would also with his fellow students or lecturers. Galileo would become rowdy about his opinion.. He was very frequent person to argue with others so he soon picked up the nickname 'The Wrangler.'
some of Galileos' major acomplishments were.....
350 BC

Aristotle states that the Sun and planets revolve around the Earth.
150 AD
Ptolemy publicizes his detailed theory of an Earth not Sun- centred universe.
On the 15th of February Galileo Galilei is born!
Galileos' family move to Florence in Italy.
1581- 1585
At Pisa University, Galileo studies medicine and mathematics.
The pendulum law is discovered by Galileo.
Galileo constructs the hydrostatic balance and he write a book called the little balance.
Galileo becomes a professor of mathematics at Pisa University.
The law of falling objects is demonstrated by Galileo from the Leaning tower of Pisa.
Galileos' father dies.
Galileo becomes a professor for mathematics at the university f Padua.
Galileo invents the military compass.
Johannes Kelper discovers that the planets revolve around the sun.
Galileo meets
Maria Gamba.
Virginia, Galileos' daughter is born.
William Gilbert states that Earth is a giant magnet.
Galileos' daughter Livia is born.
A supernova appears.
Galileo's son Vincenzo is born.
Hans Lippershey invents the telescope.
Galileo hears about the telescope and makes a better version.He observed mountains on the moon and four of Jupiters' moons.
Galileo moves to Florence, he observes the changing shape of Venus and Saturn. He also publishes 'The Starry Messenger.'
Galileo visits Rome and shows the power of his telescope. Galileo is elected to the Lincean Academy.
Galileo publishes his theory of sunspots, he includes a clear statement that the Earth orbits the Sun.
Thomas Caccini preaches against science.... and Galileo.
In Rome Galileo discusses his theories of the universe with Pope Paul V. He refers these questions with the committees.
Galileo is told not to state that earth moves other wise consequences will come his way.
Nicholas Copernicus produces ' On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres' Putting forward the idea that the sun is revolved around by earth and the planets.
Three Comets
Galileo disagrees with Oraio Grassi on his interpretation of comets in 'Discourse on the Comets.'
Galileos views are critised by Grassi and his colleagues when they write 'The Astronomical and Philosophical Balance.'
A moving Earth is argued for once again with Galileo's book ' The Assayer' replying to Oraio Grassis' criticism.
Pope Urban VIII invites Galileo to Rome to discuss about writing about alternative theories of the universe. Galileo starts to write 'Dialouge Concerning the Two Chief Systems of the World and is summoned to Rome.
Galileo publishes Dialouge Concerning the Two Chief Systems of the World.
Galileo is examined by the Inquisition and condenmed to life imprisionment.
Galileo goes blind.
Galileo devises the basis of the pendulum clock.
8 January: Galileo Dies.
December: Isaac Newton is born.
Galileo's son Vincenzo dies.
Christiaan Huygens patents the Pendulum Clock.
Newton publishes 'Laws of Motion and Gravitation.'
Albert Einstein publishes his special theory of relativity.
Astronauts land on the Moon.
By Harriet!

Galileo Galilei by Dr Mike Goldsmith
As Galileo studied the planets and sun further he became even more convinced that the planets orbited the sun. He wrote a book in 1632 called 'Dialouge Concerning the Two Chief World' because of this book he was sentenced to life imprisonment but because of his age and health he was allowed to stay at home under house arrest.Galileo continued to write under these conditions. He then later became blind. Galileo died, at the age of 77 on the 8th of January 1642 in his home at Tuscany, Italy.
Galileo invented the 1st thermometer.
The sector-A
n instrument that has a plumb, two legs with measurements on them, and a right angle.

The Hydrostatic Balance-
was a balance that could accuratley weigh objects both in water and in the air.
The microscope-
Galileo made sketches and designs for a microscope but didn't actually invent one.
Galileos' telescope-
Galileo made the telescope famous, although his version could only magnify 30 times it was a breakthrough in science.
Venus's Phases-
Galileo was the first to discover that Venus has phases like the moon.
The Moon-
He discovered that the moon had craters, mountains and valleys.
Jupiters' satellites-
Galileo discovered four of Jupiters' moons; Io, Europa, Ganymede,& Callisto,
He discovered sunspots that drifted from one side of the sun to the other.
Galileo at the birth of modern sience By MArtin Suggett
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