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Pros and Cons of Forest Fires

No description

Josephine Braunreiter

on 8 April 2017

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Transcript of Pros and Cons of Forest Fires

Pros and Cons of Forest Fires
By: Alexia Lastella & Josephine Braunreiter
Pros of forest fires
Helps clean the forest floors
Kills diseases
Provides new generations
Provides habitats
Cons of Forest Fires
Soil erosion
Air pollution
Destruction of property
Harm of animals
Cleaning forest floors
Kills diseases
New generations
Provides habitat
Cleans debris
Helps sunlight come in
nourishes the soil
Makes trees grow back healthier and stronger then it was before
Next time there is a fire, it will be less intense.
Kills insect that takes the nutrients from trees that makes the forest weak
Helps enrich soil
Removes shrubs that increases space for animals and increases water
Helps new grass and food supply grow, which helps animal with food supply.
. There are fire dependent trees that would die in a couple years without fire
Some trees need heat for the seeds to spread regeneration.
Soil erosion
During the process of regrowth after a fire, the soil isn't completely stable.
The roots of the plants aren't strong enough to hold the soil in place therefore, things like the slightest gust of wind could move the soil and cause major disasters.
Air pollution
Wherever there is fire, smoke usually follows. Smoke is very thick and shouldn't be consumed.
Smoke inhalation can cause several breathing problems and worsen that state of those who already have trouble breathing. Example: people with asthma.
Destruction of property
Not everyone in America has insurance. Disasters such as a fire can cost a lot of money for those who are not expecting a fire to break out.
Harm of Animals
Every year, many animal habitats are destroyed. No food, no shelter, how you gonna live?
The animals sometimes even get caught in the fire and in most cases, death occurs.
This is extremely bad especially do to the amount of endangered species in certain areas.
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