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All Things Sweet

The goods.

Danielle Hardin

on 19 October 2010

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Transcript of All Things Sweet

All Things
Sweet Executive Summary Company Description Business Objectives To open additional locations by the end of 2010 To select qualified individuals for expansion to east coast by the end of 2010 To complete the creation of our website by December 2010 and continue to update it throughout the year To earn $20,000 in weekly sales per location To become a distinguished and household name in the bakery industry Operations Location Process Management & Organization Members of Advisory
Committee 1. Chef Lisa, Head Pastry Chef
- Sweet Creations 2. Konrad Sapitzbart, Head Pastry Chef
- The Peabody Bakery 3. Jo West, Head Pastry Chef
- Jo's Custom Cakes and Catering 4. Christine Hein, Head Pastry Chef
- Music City Cakes Decision Making Process Danielle Pipkin, CEO, has 51 percent ownership Bryan Pipkin, Vice President of Accounting, has 25 percent ownership Dylan Pipkin, Vice President of Marketing and Sales,
has 24 percent ownership Long-Term Development Industry Analysis Target Market Age: 21- 75 Income: $55,000 a year Product Type: Sweets, baked goods, and coffee Geography: Southeast region Buying Patterns: Products used for parties and other events, as well as every-day personal consumption Customer Needs: Good customer service, perfect quality products, and competitive prices Marketing Plan Placement Product Price Candy Bars
$1.50 single
$15 dozen Muffins and Cupcakes
$3 single
$25 dozen Brownies and Cookies
$1.50 single
$15 dozen Sheet Cakes
$25-75 Decorative Cakes
$100-500 Fudge and Delicacies
$10-35 Promotion Competitive Analysis Financial Data Balance Sheet and Income Statement Statement of Cash Flow Coffee Tall: $1.99
Grande: $2.50
Venti: $2.99
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