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Beacons of Youth

No description

K Calvo

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Beacons of Youth

YES's History 1968 2007 1997 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Richard Williams, Yes Founder Give Youth a Chance! “Operation Ski Lift” 1975 Swann Lodge is donated by the State of Massachusetts 1980 Highly volunteer-driven organization. ! Number 1 Activity: “highly cost
effective program” 2003 >100,000 Kids have participated in YES! YES Academy 2012 1. Confidence

2. Skills and physical fitness

3. Responsibility and Accountability

4. Treat others with respect

5. Cultural diversity

6. Healthy lifestyle

7. Environment 97%
100% (Many have witnessed violence in their communities) + Carrier Exploration Program + + Junior Volunteer Of GOAL girls felt increased confidence as leaders Richard Williams Memorial Scholarship Of high school students in the Junior Volunteer Program in 2011-12 graduated high school and enrolled college Leadership Through Service: FINAL PROJECT Team: BEACONS FOR YOUTH Francisca Calvo Beatriz Diez Andres Shapiro Derrick Taylor Miguel Torres Our mission as a TEAM Why Beacons for Youth? 22% (US)

15%(MA) Children under the threshold of poverty... It was our goal to make an impact, in whichever way we could. Helping with Youth Recreation EFFICIENTLY! What exactly is the social issue of
YOUTH RECREATION? Annual expenditure 3 weeks expenditure = Youth Services LIQUOR $1.75 MILLION SPENT... We are fully aware that leisure time and recreation comprise only a part of the whole field of the social health services, but we believe that (...) they will have developed the abilities of young people to accept responsibilities, which in turn provide growth towards leadership and increasing interest in their obligations of citizenship.
Neighborhood houses and
Youth Agencies Division Greater Boston Community Council Families struggle putting food on the table

Percent of Boston Public School graduates earn a college degree

Witness some form of violence every year 1/3 90% 35% YES's Mission Young people with limited access to outdoor activities and sports, namely at-risk youth living in low-income households. Sport-based Leadership Enrichment
Programs HOW? Operation snow-sports Outdoor adventure YES academy To inspire and challenge youth with physical and mental activities that foster life-long respect for self, others, and the environment. Introducing: Youth Development THE VALUES 1,500 young people
Ages of 7 and 18
78 % live in Boston TARGET THE REALITY Most social services in the U.S came from religious and family-based groups. Children’s Bureau and Maternal and Infant Health Services. 1948 BOSTON 2012 BEACONS OF YOUTH FRANCISCA, BEATRIZ, ANDRES AND DERRICK MIGUEL Grant writing Individual contributions The TEAM progress Our impact in YES and the social issue CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Frustration Motivation Beginning of the course:
Extremely bonded by a shared goal:
HELPING BOSTON's YOUTH Through of the team:
We can't find ANY organization Team's mood is recovered:
Cover volunteering hours
Get to know each other TODAY Time All our work is showing results... Team Phases and Development Franklin D. Roosevelt 1900 1850 New social service programs designed to ease the growing poverty rate. Bill Clinton BOSTON
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