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Curriculum Planning Strategies for English

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B293 N922

on 10 January 2015

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Transcript of Curriculum Planning Strategies for English

Embedding literacy at the core of the curriculum...
Curriculum challenge:
Develop literacy skills that enable learners to access upper bands of mark-scheme (C grade or better) and meet Wolf Report's recommendations of integrated literacy component in all courses such as GCSE...

1. Universal initial assessment...
2. Integrated literacy component
3. Netflix reading programme...
Creating cutting edge course content...
Curriculum challenge:
crafting and managing GCSE course content that inspires learners of varying ability and protected characteristics, to attain a C grade or better...

1. Cutting edge task-setting...
2. Unleashing computer games
as learning resource
3. Pinpoint management of assessment points...
Smart tech to deliver content in real time
1. Rolling Twitter course feed
2. Podcasts for feedback and lesson content
3. Prezi suite on curriculum challenges e.g. CA's or exam skills...
Curriculum challenge:
to deliver masses of content for 4 controlled assessments
and exam prep with only 3 SFA funded delivery hours...(with more austerity cuts
to education in the offing!)
Follow us at: https://twitter.com/JonASEnglish1
Contemporary, provocative,
relevant, rigorous...
"I, as a female Muslim journalist, have decided to deconstruct the master narrative that shapes discourse about Muslim women..."
(Niqaab: Behind the Veil)
"You chill with the obligatory can of Pepsi and blast through the past like a surreptitious blade through proverbial butter..."
(Assassin's Creed Review: Capitalist Cash Cow?)
"Striding history like a colossus, Sultan Mehmed Fatih was the terror of the Byzantine Empire and supreme architect of Istanbul's greatest architectural wonders..."
(Write an A* obituary of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed Fatih)
"Within both texts, there is a highly unstable conception of morality at play, with Shakespeare and Tarantino respectively, showing ethics to be a social construction"
(Discuss the conception of heroes and villains in Macbeth and Pulp Fiction)
"The style is approaching a Gothic story, so we're getting into the realms of Bram Stoker's Dracula..."
"Every word has to pull its weight in a sentence..."
"Keep up the good work, and I'll see you soon!"
"We need more great linguistic devices...as you need beautiful things to analyse in your commentary..."
How do I join the A* crowd?
(study skills)-104 hits!
"The art of subtextual deduction"
(comprehension) 212 hits!
"Releasing your A* writing skills"
(written expression) 231 hits
"A* exam masterclass"
(assessment objectives) 276 hits!
"A (very!) short intro to paralinguistics"
(non-verbal comms) 75 hits!
"The 60 minute guide to researching
(not just "Googling" everything!) 172 hits
"How do I write A* Essays?"
(increase poetry CA marks) 372 hits!
A-C grades up
by 11% (in year data)
Writing frames:
manage student response more
Scientific approach:
teach terminology as supportive
Pinpoint strategic tracking:
zoom in
on the "difference makers"
A-C grades 80%, A-B grades 58%
(in year data)
Timely intervention
: 1-1 in class support; "study-buddy" in class; study-plan sent
to parents
A-B grades in controlled assessment up 16% (in year data)
Cutting edge tasks:
drafting tasks that resonate with learners' experiences...
engage with complex topics: nature of femininity, Ottoman sultans etc...
13% increase in A-C grades in creative writing and comprehension exam Qs for white males (2013 ACR)
Utilise computer games as basis for creative writing and comprehension practice
students created work for the student mag, linked to the classroom tasks...
Literacy standards now "outstanding feature" in ACR. Reduction of D-E controlled assessment grades by 23%
110 page literacy booklet now

used in all GCSE
classes and enshrined in SOW
Now tasked with
disseminating across college, as
institution response to Gove's
literacy agenda.
Creation of integrated initial assessment of any barriers to a C grade
Now used as standard initial assessment resource across college
all dyslexia and ADHD GCSE learners assessed in first 2 weeks
(Removal of barriers to C grade or better)
reading programme of Netflix films

turned into novels. Watch scene, read passage...
Now extracts of 23 Netflix films/novels on scheme of work (and growing!)

average mark of 7/10 for SPAG for controlled assessments (in year data).
5 minute bursts of content/feedback to listen on Smart devices
Sent via Twitter course feed...
Have dramatically increased use of technical terms in written tasks and feedback as "outstanding feature" of GCSE ACR
(learners more likely to know how to meet C grade criteria)
GCSE Twitter course feed, for bonus content, reminders, motivation round the clock
GCSE linked Youtube videos, tweets, images, docs sent via Twitter
100% retention of every GCSE learner (in year data) and 30 parents now "following", to ensure homework complete and make C grade more likely...
a growing suite of Prezis to tackle common issues for GCSE learners e.g. essay writing, study skills, etc...

all teachers' knowledge on topic into one resource then upload link via Twitter
generating hundreds of hits on Prezi site and great reviews on Twitter. Inspiring more GCSE learners to aim for a C grade or better.
Thanks for listening, and please feel
free to ask any questions...
Follow us at: https://twitter.com/JonASEnglish1
Initial assessment booklet at: http://sdrv.ms/M9as5l
This Prezi at: http://prezi.com/8evn4it4oklm/curriculum-planning-strategies/
13% increase in A-C grades in creative writing and comprehension exam Qs for white males (2013 ACR)
Utilise computer games as basis for creative writing and comprehension practice
students created work for the student mag, linked to the classroom tasks...
Curriculum planning strategies
for boosting A-C grades...
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