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combat zone

No description

erika steinger

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of combat zone

combat zone
Realistic fiction is set in a real time and place. This genre tells the story of believable events that could have actually happened.
combat zone
Turn to page 71 and examine the layout of the text.
combat zone
Why might a soldier regret, or feel sorry about, killing an enemy during war?
combat zone
Introduction: Oral Cloze
combat zone
Unit EQ: How can we commemorate the lives of victims of war? How can we use literary elements to enhance our writing?

Lesson EQ: How can we use our words to describe the horrors of war?
combat zone
Do Now: Use your knowledge of the word fiction to complete the following prompts.

If fiction as a genre represents the writing of untrue or imagined events, realistic fiction must be
An example of realistic fiction is .
Turn to page 60 in your RBook and look at the photos.
How do photos set the scene for a story about the Vietnam War?
The photos set the scene because .
How can you tell that this is a poem?

I can tell that this is a poem because .
Read along silently as I read aloud. When I leave out a word, chime in and read the word aloud.
A soldier might regret killing an enemy during war because .
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