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Visual Communication Design Pitch- Alex

No description

Alex Huang

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of Visual Communication Design Pitch- Alex

Visual Communication Design
Alex Huang
VCAA: 12100173x
Date: 09-09-13

I wanted to portray a clean professional finish.

I want people to look at the final presentation and ask me about it; why i did this, why i chose to do that?
-Existing market
-How a commercial/ tankless toilet is to function
-What I needed to piece together to enable a functioning toilet
-Elements and Principles
-Inspirational materials
-Whacky toilet designs
-Unique chair designs
-Existing sanity-ware advertisements
The brief targeted:
-Minorities which express societies trends
-Those of the general public who are middle to high class

The brief wished to portray
-Caroma's existing face and it's step into a new era of toilet design
-Innovative design, cleanliness,

3D Requirement
-A prototype of the toilet deign

2D Requirement
-A magazine advertisement including smaller technical drawings, context photo and company logo
Final Presentation
Client/Audience Response
"I do in fact believe i have met the requirements of my brief"

Although, this may be so, i must acknowledge that there were slight obstacles which if overcome, could have made the presentation better
"I guess you could say, it's all a part of the experimentation, and if one thing fails, you are able to learn and ultimately find the right path"
-Break-down of the many requirements
-Elements and principles were really important to creating an emphasized advert

2D Developmentals
3D Developmentals
-Using a more hands on approach to create slightly altered forms helped me find the most effective form
-Sketches based on different concepts
-Elements and principles assisted in expressing how i wanted the design to end up

-Enabled direction
-Design thinking
-The dimensions of the toilet were finalized
-Finalization of material choices/ applications

-Caroma was quite surprised when i first presented them with my development stages

-We believe it will be able to uphold the leading position it currently holds
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