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Polymer Chemist

No description

Janice Lee

on 12 June 2011

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Transcript of Polymer Chemist

Polymer Chemist What is Polymer Chemistry? Polymer Chemistry
Focuses on the SYNTHESIS and PROPERTIES of repeating molecular structures (Word IQ, 2010) 40 hour work week (8 hours a day)
Average annual salary: $74 000 to $100 000

(Friend, 2010) Education
High school diploma
Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry/ Organic Chemistry
Master's Degree
Doctoral Degree (PhD)

* Work experience essential!

Estimated Time Line:

5 Years + 2 (or more) Years + 2 (or more years) = 9+ years

(Wisegeek, 2010) Faculty of Science
Honours Physical Sciences
Chemistry Major
Specialization in Organic Chemistry/Polymer Chemistry Additional Requirements:

At 12U, 2 of: Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, Data Managment, Physics

Admission Average: 70%+

(University of Waterloo, 2010) Domestic Tuition Fee: $ 5200
Books: $ 2000
Incidental Fee: $ 700 - 1000
Initial Co-op Fee: $ 610
Residence + Meal Plan: $8000 - 11000

Estimated Total Cost for 8-Month School Year (not including residence):
$8000 - $13000

(Waterloo Science, 2010) Faculty of Arts & Science
Physical/ Mathematical Sciences Program
Chemistry Major (2nd year+)

(University of Toronto, 2010) Additional Requirements:

12U Chemistry
12U Physics Recommended

Admission Average: 80%+

(University of Toronto, 2010) Domestic Tuition Fee: $ 5200
Books: $ 1000+
Incidental Fee: $ 1000+
Residence + Meal Plan: $5000 - 15000

Estimated Total Cost for 8-Month School Year (not including residence):
$8000 - $13000

(Faculty of Arts and Science, 2010) "#1 University for Research Intensity" (Maclean's Magazine) "Leading Research Institution" (University of Toronto) Faculty of Science
Level I Gateway Program: Physical Sciences (Co-op)
Level II Program: Honours Chemistry
Specialization: Advanced Materials

(McMaster University, 2010) Additional Requirements:

12U Chemistry
12U Physics

Admission Average:
high 70% - low 80% +

(McMaster University, 2010) Domestic Tuition Fee: $ 6000
Books: $ 1200+
Incidental Fee: $ 1000+
Residence + Meal Plan: $8000

Estimated Total Cost for 8-Month School Year (including residence):
(McMaster University, 2010) Daily Duties:
Use knowledge of (organic) chemistry
Plan and carry out experiments
Document results
Produce molecular structures for products

(Thorne, 2010) Job Prospects Position: Polymer chemist at Lab Support
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Expected Salary:

Creating new polymers and adhesive products
improving the production process of polymers

Skills Required:
Independant thinker,
Communication skills
Background in polymers and plastics

Bachelor's degree in Chemistry or Materials Science
3-5 years of experience in developing polymers

(Workopolis, 2010) Position: Polymer lab chemist at Aerotek Scientific
Location: San Jose, California, USA
Expected Salary:

Sythensize polymers
Assist scientists in the laboratory to create and improve new technologies

Skills Required:
Background in polymer and organic synthesis chemistry

Bachelors and Masters degree in Chemistry
3+ years of experience

(Monster, 2010) Pros
Current, expanding industry
Always changing / advancing
Hands-on work
Reasonable hours

Requires a large amount of study
Competitive field that follows the economy
Not "own boss"
Sometimes making products you do not support Is This Job for ME? (Douglas Wood, 2010) (Store Guide, 2010) (Moon Battery, 2010) (Furniture Home Design, 2010) (EHS, 2010) (Planet Motivation, 2010) (Csub, 2010) (Distres Debt, 2010) (Placet, 2010) (RHOK, 2010) (Star, 2010) (Bio Job Blog, 2010) (Planet Motivation, 2010) (Job Board Sites, 2010) (Fabulous Savings, 2010) (Girls By Design, 2010) American Chemical Society, 2010) www.vectorjunky.com Common Requirements:
12U English
12U Advanced Functions
12U Calculus and Vectors McMaster University University of Waterloo University of Toronto (University of Waterloo, 2010) (Planet Motivation, 2010) (Bio Job Blog, 2010)
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