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Found Poems

Found poems are an excellent way to actively engage students in reading and critically think about texts.

Jennifer Scott

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Found Poems

Found poems take words from a text and fashion them into a poem, called a found poem.
You can use any text from any content area for a found poem.
The following link defines and gives examples of famous found poems.
http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/5780 What is a Found Poem? I've used found poems for both chapters of novels and speeches.
Group work is a good tool to use when having students create found poems.
Students use active reading strategies such as annotating, highlighting, re-reading and taking notes.
Here's a great link for using found poems: http://www.creative-writing-now.com/found-poetry.html How do I use Found Poems? I use this speech as a found poem text for my students.
We activate prior knowledge via discussion.
My students read the text on their own first. I ask them to underline or highlight things Martin Luther King feels are necessary to their life's blueprint.
Students participate in a seminar about the speech.
I group students heterogeneously.
As a group they highlight or underline 10-15 important words or phrases from the speech (phrases are no more than 2-5 words)
Then they create a poem.
You can find a copy of the speech here : http://seattletimes.com/special/mlk/king/words/blueprint.html What Is Your Life's Blueprint?
By Martin Luther King Once students finish their poem, they assign each other a role to create a poster for their found poem. I find small groups of 3-4 students work best.
The poet types the poem.
The paragraph writer writes a paragraph that tells how the poem relates to the speech.
The illustrator finds or draws illustrations relating to the poem.
The assembler puts it all together on a poster.
They all present the project to the class using my document camera. Poster Project Here is an example of a final product that my students created last year. This activity took about 7 class periods. Final Product By Jennifer Danilowicz
Strategy Demonstration
EDU 742 Found Poems Found Poems Across
the Content Areas In math, students could make a geometric shape of mathematical terms from a chapter as a concrete found poem.
In science, students could jigsaw a chapter and create a found poem to share with the class to teach their classmates about their section.
In health, students could create a poem from the possible side effects of medications in their house. Examples of Found Poems
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