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The Blue Jar

No description

Brandi Piskura

on 13 June 2011

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Transcript of The Blue Jar

"The Blue Jar"
By: Isak Dinesen Theme
*Search for Identity. How does this apply to my life? Characters
*Lady Helena
Old Lord (Father) Lessons
*Search for what you want; follow your heart; don't give up..This lesson is valuable because.. Societal Issues
*Segregation.Old Lord believes upper class are better than lower class. Background of Auther
*Born on April April 17, 1885.
*Went by many different names but is best known to English-language readers as Isak Dinesen.
*Suffered many tragedies, such as her father hanging himself when she was just 10. Basics of The Story
*A young girl gets left on a burning ship and a merchantman who happens to sail by is able to rescue her...her dream in life is to find the perfect shade of blue, like the sea. I can compare this story to
"A&P" because both characters are searching for their identity in different ways. Authors Craft
*Wrote in third person. Authors intended meaning
*I think the author was trying to show that if you try hard enough and follow your heart you'll usually achieve what you are aiming for. The message I got out of this story was what the author intended..Follow your heart, don't give up on the things you want.
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