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Hudson bay Lowlands

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sarah stockford

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Hudson bay Lowlands

Hudson bay Lowlands
Physical Characteristics
The Hudson Bay Lowlands is Canada's largest wetland. The Lowland is mostly in Ontario and some parts of Manitoba and Quebec. They have many slow-moving rivers all over. The reason that it is covered in so much water because when the glacier from the ice age went over this part of Canada it scraped out all the shale and left holes in the ground. When the glacier melted all the water went into these holes and created the vast wetland that we know today.
The land in the lowlands is very flat with lots if rocks trees and forests. The rocks that are found in the Hudson bay lowlands are sedimentary and igneous rocks. The trees that are found there are coniferous and deciduous trees.
the climate there can get very cold in the winter and it lasts a long time the summer time is short and is warm.
Economic Activity

In the Hudson Bay lowlands there is a
lot of water so most of the jobs include
fishing. There are also some forests so hunting is big as well. because of the water people make good money in building docks for the boats. many people also run hotels for deliverers to stay at when they are tired. The Hudson Bay lowland supplies most of Canada oil, natural gas so that can supply many jobs for people who live in this area.

Recreational Activity

Many of the the people who live in the Hudson Bay Lowlands spent their time boating, hunting and fishing. Because they have so much water and forests they don't have much else to do. There are many animals to hunt around the Hudson bay lowlands, they have birds, geese, moose caribou, and black bear. Another activity they do is tourism. There is not a lot to do in Hudson Bay Lowlands. If you have a job as a fisherman when you get home you will probably go out and fish again because there is mostly nothing to do.
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