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BGSA Interest Meeting

No description

Tennisha Riley

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of BGSA Interest Meeting

The Black Graduate Student Association Interest Meeting
Mission and Goals
The Importance of BGSA
To Identify and address the needs of graduate students of color
To build a social network
To aid in professional and personal development
BGSA Progression
Contact Information
Identifying Your Needs
What are your needs as a graduate student of color? How can BGSA assist in fulfilling those needs?

What role do you feel BGSA should play in the larger VCU community?

What types of events would like BGSA to host?

Provide a Supportive & Collaborative Environment for Graduate Students of African Descent
Organizational Email:
Serve Underrepresented Graduate Students
Retain & Increase Black Graduate Students
Increase the University's Awareness and Responsiveness to our needs
Scholarship Promotion
Developing Mentorship
Ubuntu (Community)
Social Justice
Feb. 2015
Mar. 2015
Summer 2015
April 2015
Jan. 2014
Dec. 2014
Construction of Executive Board
President Rao Town Hall Meeting
BGSA Interest Meeting(s)
Welcome To The BGSA: Social
BGSA Development Meeting
BGSA Approval
Planning for Academic Year
Fall 2015
BGSA Full Launch
Importance of BGSA
Mission and Goals
Progress Thus Far
Identifying Needs: Open Discussion
BGSA Committee Chairs
To create, organize and oversee all BGSA events, at VCU and in the community that conform to the mission statement and purpose of BGSA. Event Chair plans more social events and special events.

Events Committee Chair : Ashley Jones, jonesao@mymail.vcu.edu
Events Committee

Organize events relevant to current social -political needs arising nationally, at VCU and in the greater Richmond Community.

Community and Political Action Chair :
Osita Iroegbu, iroegbuon@vcu.edu.

Community and Political Action Committee

To organize professional development events for BGSA members. Communicate graduate mentorship and scholarships opportunities as well as organize mentorship or scholarship events (eg with undergraduate organizations)

Mentorship and Scholarship Chair: Rachel Boutté boutterl@mymail.vcu.edu

Mentorship and Scholarship Committee

To develop strategies for communicating the goals and mission of the organization within the University. Additionally, it promote all BGSA events and manage all social media outlets.

Public Relations Chair: Candace Parrish, parrishcp2@mymail.vcu.edu
Public Relations Committee
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