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Las fallas

No description

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Las fallas

Las Fallas
Las Fallas is a celebration of fire, fun, and festivities:

Origins in 1490s, mixture
Native celebration of spring
Christian commemoration of St. Joseph
Las Fallas is celebrated in Valencia, Spain.
Spanish Words for Las Fallas
Las Fallas--- The fires
Falleres--- The people involved in the festival
Paellas--- Traditional dish of Las Fallas: rice & shrimp, muscles, lemon
Ninot--- Figure representing a human
La plantá--- The day before the festival when las falleres set up the sculptures
Nit del foc--- Night of fire, March 18th firework show
La Crema--- The burning of the sculptures on the last day
Masclá--- The daytime fireworks show
Our thoughts...
Our group thinks that this celebration in Valencia, Spain is extremely exciting and unique in its own way. The sculptures the people build are amazing in the way they represent the start of spring in a satirical and humorous fashion.
Additional Fun Facts
The traditional dish paella is associated with the fallas celebration. It includes rice & shrimp, muscles, lemon.
Major decorations of the Fallas include
La Mascleta,

an explosive firework display occurring each day of the festival at 2pm. Clothslines are strung and fireworks and firecrackers are attached to them, to be set off all over the streets.
Las Fallas are definitely a part of a religious tradition, honoring Saint Josef.
A brief description of activities during the festival include bands in the streets, parades, sculptures and structures, and most importantly, FIRE!
When is it celebrated?
March 15 - 19

8 am: parade, band, dancers

2 pm: organized fires and explosions
Las fallas
Similar to Burning Man in the US
More Fun Facts :)
The celebration is exclusive to Valencia, and both adults and children participate in the festivities. Although tourists come to witness the the burning of the fallas and other festivities, they rarely participate themselves.
The origins of the celebration are a bit foggy, but some believe it dated back to the Middle Ages, with artisan carpenters burning their broken wooded artifacts in a celebration of springtime.
Those who participate in the Fallas typically wear an assortment of costumes.
A Quick Video
Final Night
Giant bonfires
What is celebrated?
Spring Equinox

New life

Burning wood

Carpenters getting rid of old

Moving on to new summer
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