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Tablets and Smartphones - Gadgets for Good?

A presentation and discussion for NetTuesday Vancouver, Jan 2013

Mel Findlater

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Tablets and Smartphones - Gadgets for Good?

Tablets and Smartphones
Gadgets for Good? Communication Independence Tablets & Smartphones- Gadgets for Good? They just work Max and Prologue2Go How cool
am I?! Hi, I'm Charlie
and I have a disability Hi, I'm Charlie @melfindlater Look, I have
a disability! What if I push
the wrong thing? But, technology is just a tool How will you use it? Portable, community based @melfindlater a woman of many hats Connecting people to help
make their impossible possible @youcanhub
www.theyoucanhub.org.uk What do you use it for?
How does it help you? Do you have a
smartphone? Tablet? Education Now imagine those tools in the hands of
a child keen to learn
someone who doesn't communicate verbally
your grandma... Encyclopedia - limited info Computer classes Along came mobile technology Mubuntu The Flipped Classroom * information at our fingertips

* social learning

* self directed learning potential The focus shouldn't be on the device itself but instead on what are we trying to achieve and how these tools can help us get there? Mindings Communication = key to learning Charlie loves:
computers dislikes:
loud noises
looking you in the eye
speaking verbally communication boards apple or an orange? One device $$$$$ Choicepad Verbally TapToTalk 'It helps me keep my brain active...keep dementia at bay' - Peter What was school like for you?
What did you have in the classroom?
What was the format? airplane good bad picture by flickr user Andrew Stawartz skype fun Mindings Easy to use These are a few of my favourite things... Popplet Flipboard Dropbox Evernote Prezi Instagram Hootsuite Twitter Skype Sketchbook Pinterest Yammer Comic Life Epic Win @melfindlater
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