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Chinese Floral Design History

No description

Haley Smith

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Chinese Floral Design History

Chinese Floral Design
500 BC to Present
By: Corrina Goncalves and Haley Smith Location: China Flower designs were used in religious teachings and used on altars. They were also used for medicine and art such as paintings, carvings, embroidered items and also basket arrangements. Materials that are used are commonly:
baskets, bamboo sticks, leaves, leather ferns, gold-dust Dracaena, and lanterns. Orchid Light Memories of Paradise Zen Protea Bamboo, peach trees and pear trees symbolize longer life Tiger lilys, pomegranates and orchids symbolize fertility Peonies are the most honored flowers in China as a symbol of nobility and value Other Flowers and Their Meanings Chrysanthemum (júhuā)
a life of ease Citron/ Buddha's Hand (fó de shu )
luck and happiness Hydrangea (xiùqiú huā)
love, gratitude, and enlightenment Lotus (liánhuā)
ultimate purity and perfection Orchid (lánhuā)
fertility Narcissus (shuǐ​xiān)​
our hidden talents
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