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The Three Musketeers Characters


Chaniya Miler

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of The Three Musketeers Characters

Namfon The Three Musketeers Characters Madame Bonacieux, also known as Constance Bonacieux is the queen’s seamstress and the queen tells Madame Bonacieux everything about her life. Madame Bonacieux’s husband is Monsier Bonacieux. Madame Bonacieux is also pretty and fair, but is different to Milady. Madame Bonacieux is also very faithful and loyal to her queen. Madame Bonacieux D’Artagnan is a Gascon who is always looking for new adventures. He may not be a musketeer but he has a heart of one. He is the one who came up with the saying, “All for one, and one for all.” In the story, D’Artagnan falls in love with Lady Bonacieux and also Milady but finds out later that Milady is bad, which then, he hates her. D’Artagnan has a Béarnese pony that had no tail and had yellow skin. D’Artagnan She is the woman who the stranger from Meung was talking to. She is extremely sly and deceptive. She is described as fair and beautiful. She also likes to threaten people. Milady D’Artagnan’s dad is a Gascon like D’Artagnan. Their families were poor, but they were always hardworking and they always tried hard to achieve their goals and dreams. D’Artagnan mainly gets his good traits from his father. D’Artagnan’s father used to be the neighbor and still is the good friend of Monsier de Treville, which is now the captain of the musketeers in France. D'Artagnan's Dad Athos is one of the Musketeers D'Artagnan meets on his journey. Athos is skillful in fighting and is courageous. He is also perceptive. Athos Aramis is portrayed as a constantly ambitious and unsatisfied as a musketeer. When he was young, he wished for the life of a soldier, and his wish came true. He is misfortunate to be caught and thrown out of a house while reading to a young woman. Aramis Monsieur de treville Monsieur de Treville is Cpatain of the Musketeers and he is a mentor to D’Artagnan. He plays a minor role in the book. He is also friends with D’Artagnan’s father, because they were musketeers together. Monsieur de Treville, helped D’Artagnan become a musketeer. Anne of Austria grew up close to her family and she lived a calm and orderly life, compared to the other royal children. Her father were very religious and so she is raised to be well. She often visited monasteries during childhood. And in 1611, she lost her mother during childbirth. Queen Anne of Austria The Duke of Buckingham is madly in love with Anne of Austria, and she loves him too, in the story, Anne asks the duke to leave her, because if he does something stupid to hurt himself, or injure himself, she would never forgive herself and that she would go crazy. So the duke of Buckingham asked her to give her something that she used to own, so that he could leave in peace. Duke of Buckingham He stole D'Artagnan's letter and was mysterious. He was found talking to Milady. Man from Meung He is the brother in law of Milady. He was challenged by D'Artagnan to a duel but lost. D'Artagnan spared his life hoping he'll get introduced to Milady. Lord de Winter She is Milady's maid who is very innocent. She told D'Artagnan the truth about Milady sensing that he fell in love with her. Kitty was easily persuaded by D'Artagnan to participate in his plans of revenge because Kitty is in love with D'Artagnan. Kitty He is D'Artagnan's personal servant who is somewhat brave man. Planchet He is a Cardinalist agent. He is the guy who D'Artagnan injured at the port. He is Milady's lover. Count de Wardes Lord Winter's servant who pledged loyal to him but was deceived by Milady using her charms. He was tricked into killing Buckingham.He is punished by Lord Winter. Felton He is the brother of the priest Milady tricked into running away with her. He was the one who branded Milady on the shoulder. The Executioner
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