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Oracle Dabatase SE or EE

Describes add-on features of Oracle Database EE

Peter Rus

on 18 August 2012

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Transcript of Oracle Dabatase SE or EE

Real Application Clusters*
RAC One Node*
Data Guard
Active Data Guard*
Automatic Block Repair*
Rolling Upgrades
Online Index Rebuild
Duplexed Backup Sets
Parallel Backup / Recovery
Unused Block Compression
Flashback Query
Flashback Table
Flashback Database
Flashback Transaction (Query)
Total Recall* High Availability Real Application Clusters*
Query Cache
Client Side
PL/SQL Function
In-Memory Database Cache*
DB Smart Flash Cache (Linux, Solaris)
Exadata Storage Server Software** Scalability Advanced Security*
Label Security*
Virtual Private Database
Fine-grained Audit
Database Vault* Security Lifecycle Management Pack*
Diagnostic Pack*
Tuning Pack*
Real Application Testing Pack*
Database Resource Manager
Instance Caging
SQL Plan Management Manageability Partitioning*
OLAP, Advanced Analytics*
Data Profiling & Quality*
Advanced Compression*
Basic Table Compression
Hybrid Columnar Compression/!
Bitmapped Index
Index Build/Scan
Statistics Gathering
Data Pump Import/Export
In-Memory Execution
Transportable Tablespaces
Query Rewrite (Materialized Views)
Async. Change Data Capture
Information Lifecycle Management* VLDB, DW a BI Advanced Replication
Spatial* Other
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