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Writing Learning Targets

ABCD and 4M's Criteria

Rob Reetz

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Writing Learning Targets

Learning Targets

4 M's
A,B,C,D of writing objectives
objectives must convey to students in kid-friendly terms what they'll need to know and be able to do.
What exactly will the learner be able to do at the end of your lesson?

Given a paragraph, I will
every verb by
it correctly.
Express the conditions under which students will show their understanding of the target:
"Given a paragraph

The degree of proficiency or correctness
the learner must display:
Given a paragraph, I will identify
and circle

Made first
Most Important
of the size and scope that can be taught in single lesson
Should be written so that student success in achieving it can be measured (at the end of the lesson)
effective objectives are designed to guide an activity.
Objectives must focus on what's most important on the path to college and nothing else!
Which 4M criteria do the following targets fail to meet?
Students will be able to add and subtract fractions
with like and unlike denominators.
Students will be able to appreciate various forms of poetry including sonnets and lyric poetry.
Students will construct a poster to celebrate MLK day
Students will view scenes from the film version of The Crucible.
Given a paragraph, I will identify every verb by circling it correctly.
Bloom's Taxonomy
Name, List, Tell,
Define, Show, Select
Explain, Summarize,
Rephrase, illustrate
Solve, Use, Operate, practice
Organize, Develop, Build
Differentiate, Examine, Test
Simplify, debate, inspect,
Compare, Contrast
Design, predict, invent, formulate
Higher Level
Judge, Recommend, Justify
Support, Interpret, Prove
How do we make learning visible to the learners most challenged by our content?
Learning is visible to when they know unequivocally what they are learning and the extent to which they are to learn it.
Learning is visible to when they see renewed self-efficacy in their child, who day by day experiences small but meaningful learning successes.
Learning is visible to when they can observe students actively engaged in practice aligned to what the target states they will know or be able to do as a result of today's learning.
Learning is visible to other when they
know and trust the foundational knowledge they
are spiraling back to can be used to further learning.
Learning is visible to when you observe students giving increased effort and persisting even when learning becomes especially difficult.
Today's Essential Question
Today, we're going to learn criteria for determining whether our learning targets contribute to a culture of visible learning.
Today's Learning Target

I can create a learning target for tomorrow's instruction that meets all 4 of the A, B, C, D Criteria.
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