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DM&E Implementation Leading Practices

Design, implement and support.

Adam Bricker

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of DM&E Implementation Leading Practices

Combating Complacency - Don't Confuse Difficulty with Necessity
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
The Process
(...not just project management)
Leaders change, but does the vision?
P, P... then T
The Gaps
Clear value proposition
Honor the donor
Honor the beneficiary
Honor the mission
The art of making decisions and adjudicating conflict
You don't want the "A Team"
Operationalize, Stabilize and sympathize
Start with the MVP(s)
Land and expand
UE, UX & every other "U"
Endangered species
Expect 2-3 iterations
Facing the DM&E Journey
People & Data Governance
What roles would you have on an expedition vs. a project?
Personal commitment & protection
In, of and for the field
#5: Iterate, obliterate & delineate
Business design 1st
Logical design 2nd
Physical design 3rd
Human Dimensions of Change
Technical Support
Process Support
Start your expedition!
Please ask any questions
Thank you for your time and attention
Develop, Implement and Support a Global DM&E Solution
Adam C. Bricker, President - Newdea Inc.
Our Story
The Setting
The Blessings
10+ year DM&E history
70/30 Sponsorship / Relief
~100 countries and ~40,000 staff
~5 prior "IT Project" failures (& CIOs)
Our Future
set the stage...
#7. The Art of the Long View
#6. Governance
#4. Team Balance
#3. Alignment
#2 Product management
#1: Constant articulation
The start...
Team going... but must go
Complex federation
From beneficiary to Boston
$ fatigue
Cost allocation handcuffs
Ask patient what ails them
Executive support?
#9. Dedicated Support Team (at base camp)
Special thanks to the incredible World Vision International staff
#8. Serendipity
Sustainable "economy"?
...and, it's an expedition
...NOT simply a project
no, not corporate alignment (but, that's important too! )
O / A / R is a MUST!
Every team needs an enforcer from within
Constancy of purpose... clarity of vision
Always give yourself an out :)
Define (success)
Simplify (simplify, simplify...)
Standardize (sophistry?), then
Launching: sniper or ballistic missile?
Capacity-building NEVER stops; in fact, it accelerates!
Beyond the Obvious
"That which is done in the field is the ONLY thing that can ONLY be done in the field."
(we asked too much)
(iteratively, not too lofty, innovation at the edge)
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