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Shark issues

No description

Bronagh Lee

on 16 June 2016

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Transcript of Shark issues

People are using many species of shark meat for soup. This is problematic in two ways. Shark meat is toxic and very unhealthy and this reduces the population of sharks. one in third of sharks species are close to distinction due to all the dangers facing sharks.
Shark Meat
Shark issues
Shark fins
Why taking fins of sharks is bad
Issues facing sharks is one of the biggest issues all over the globe. We believe that it is not right to cut off fins of sharks and eat them and it should be stopped. This could be one of the biggest issues on the globe
Why we chose the shark issue
Any Questions?
The sharks get tossed back to the water once their fins get taken off. sharks need their fins to swim. If they don't move they will suffocate. they cannot move, they just roll in the ocean. this causes all the little fish to nibble and eat while the shark is helplessly trying to move. this is the biggest problem facing sharks.
Sailors waste 98% of the shark just for the fins. Fin soup is very bad as well as fins have no taste. 145 countries engage shark finning. China and the US are the biggest fishers. If continued, shark finning can eventually cause shark distinction.
about 100 million sharks are killed every year due to finning. People are doing this because shark fin soup are considered as a delicacy, something that is very good to when it is actually not. We can help stop this by contributing to a campaign like sea shepherd. shark fins are one of the most expensive sea products. shark finning is a term to use for when sailors cut fins off sharks.
There are ways to help solve this problem. If you support campaigns like sea Shepherd. They need as much support as they can. You will only have to donate a small bit but the organizations are mainly to raise awareness.

Another way to raise awareness is to go on social media and post hashtags like #Stopsharkfinning.

The orginisations also persuade restaurants to stop shark finning.

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