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Mathematical Formulas

No description

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Mathematical Formulas

Mathematical Formulas
things to consider..
Super strength.
Body parts (Some parts may be from stronger human's than other's).
Depending on how well, electrically wired, he made the lighting bolt deliver an electric "shock".
The Lighting Bolt
We know that a lighting bolt can harness about 15,000,000 volts of electricity.
The total energy in an average thunderstorm exceeds the energy released during an atomic explosion.
Mathematical frmula
Mathematical Determination of External Defibrillators Needed at Mass Gatherings
[A1/(Ds1 × Dh1)] + [A2/(Ds2 × Dh2)] + [A3/(Ds3 × Dh3)]
Information Regarding
The minimum amount a human can feel depends on the current type (AC or DC) & frequency. A person can feel at least 1mA (rms) of AC at 60Hz, while at least 5mA for DC. At around 10 milliamperes, AC current passing through the arm of a 68kg (150 lb) human can cause powerful muscle impressions
Mathematical Formulas
Multiple math formulas were used in creating Frankenstein's monster.
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