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Lima, Peru

No description

Katherine Kang

on 3 March 2017

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Transcript of Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru
By Katherine Kang
World's third largest producer in 2012
Represents 17% of total shipment
Export value of $6.93B
What suprised me about Lima
I was suprised on how big the city of Lima is, because there is a lot less people where we live than in Lima. I was also suprised that people in Peru eat guinea pig because in the United States, it's an uncommon meal to have.
Thank you!
Historical Monuments
La catedral de Lima (Basilica Cathedral)
First cathedral of Lima (out of 15)
Completed on 1538
Numerous earthquakes damaged it
Constant repairs due to the damage of earthquakes
Activities to do in your free time
On free time and weekends, Peruvians...
Get together with friends to watch movies
Hang out in the town square or at local cafes
Play sports like soccer and volleyball
Typical meals
Seafood dish popular in the coastal regions of Latin America and the Caribbean
Raw fish in citrus juice
Spiced with red onions and aji peppers
Served cold
Holidays and Celebrations
Anniversary of Lima
Fifth largest gold mining country in 2012
Represents 15% of total shipment
Export value of $5.86B
Represents 7.8% of total shipment
Export value of $3.1B
Huaca Pucllana
Adobe and clay pyramid built around 500 AD
Built with thousands of handmade bricks
Important ceremonial center for the Lima culture
Guinea pig
One of Peru's most famous dishes
Usually roasted, baked, or barbecued
Tastes like "a cross between rabbit and chicken"
The top export destinations are China, the United States, Switzerland, Canada, and Brazil.
Major Exports of Peru
Peru is the 59th largest export economy in the world.
Lima was founded by the Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizzaro
Celebrated on the 18th of January
Big parades through Lima
Dancers and artists preform folklore dances
Music concerts and shows
Population = 9.8 million
What you can do if you have free time
Try the food they have there
Visit museums or monuments
Explore the Amazon rainforest
Sandboard sand dunes
Visit Machu Picchu
I hoped you learned something about Lima!
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