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The College Application Process

No description

Michelle Villarreal

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of The College Application Process

The College Application Process
Types of Applications
Application / Scholarship Essay
The Common App
Pre-Application Work continued
--Start thinking about which teacher(s) you will ask to write recommendations.

--Email your counselor. Let her know you are about to start applications. Thank her in advance for her part.

--Keep a notebook, planner, calendar of due dates. Missing a deadline could cost you thousands.

--Sign up for your ACT/SAT if you plan to take it again.
How will you pay?

If they offer you a choice, no option is better or worse than another.
--All Online
--One application for several
ach school has specific
Teachers can upload rec letters
--Counselors upload transcripts
--One essay for all schools

Only 517 schools in the US and Europe use it.
Talk to your parents about how you will pay for college.

Grandma & Grandpa?
College Fund?

BHS students cite money as the determining factor in where
they attend college.
Which Colleges?
Reach Schools

Target Schools

Likely Schools

Application Cost: $25-$75

Online through School Website

The Common Application
--Get a copy of your transcript to make sure everything is correct.
Always provide a resume to anyone who is writing a letter for you.
--ACT or SAT scores plus GPA

Institutional or Private
--Community Service


Same grades
Same scores
Same AP courses
Your essay will distinguish you!!!
--Take time to craft it.
--Ask a trusted adult to read it.
--Persuse websites--
freshman profile, freshman scholarships
--Visit Colleges--
make an appt. to

meet with the dean of the department in your field of interest.
Relationship is important.
Other colleges that use the Common App--
Types of Applications

Early Decision--
binding if accepted
Early Action--
getting it over with
Regular Decision--
with everybody else
Rolling Admissions--
when you want, but there might not be $ left.
Getting organized is the best way to ensure a low-stress application process.
Keep a notebook/calendar with to-do lists, due dates, and university contacts. Get all your pre-app work done. If you need to write an application or scholarship essay, don't "wing it." The essay is often the deciding factor in admission or denial, in award or loans, so get help! Have the money-talk with your parents: What do you have, what will you need, what can you consider. Also, if you have praying
grannies...it never hurts.

Good Luck!

--Update your resume.
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