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Is technology making us lazy?

No description

Brendan Oconnell

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Is technology making us lazy?

Welcome Is Technology Making Us Lazy THE ANSWER Use it; Don't abuse it How It Makes Us Lazy
(Cons to technology) Is it just making life easier?
(Pros to technology) Is Technology Making Us Lazy? Or Is It Just Making Life Easier? - Technology has changed the way of everyday life

- We no longer have to do things like going to see family and friends, meet new people, or going to a store to buy things

- Kids now lock themselves up inside all day with their video game consoles

- Your best friend can now be a smartphone - More than 1/3rd of teenagers don't get the recommened amount of physical activity per day

- Obesity rates have been climbing since 1980, huge increase starting in 2000

- What percentage of us have Apple products? (or anything similar)

- If you asked people whether they last played a game on their smartphone or went for physical activity it would be very unbalanced -Technology plays a key role in all of our lives as it seems as if we are always using it

- Technology is now distracting us in our lives, making us pay more attention to a screen then whats actaully going on in front of us

- I used technology through the form of the internet to make this project rather than go to the library. And whats wrong with that?

- The problem is more severe cases of using technology not things like using the interent over the library - It's not laziness technology is bringing us. Its an easier life. Or is it? This is a different opinion for everyone

- So should we use technology for every benefit we can? - Increases in technology have been going up for the last 50 years. Nobody can say they are sad we still don't have to pick up the newspaper to get our news

- And whats wrong with relaxing and enjoying the technolgy we have developed Technology starts to have negative effect when you let it do everything for you and you don't do a thing

Its a benefit until it controls you - Technology not only improves our personal lives, but our working lives

- Thanks to technology we can have way more production and profability in our businesses - We now have benefits like having a map with us everytime we need one or having portable devices that allow us to take information that we may need everywhere with us in a handheld device

- As well students lives of learning have been made easier

- Every senior citizen can tell you the difference technology has created in the world of banking and real estate, they have changed drastically thanks to technology The answer to whether our recent increase in technology is making us lazy has no answer. However we do know that it definetly can make us lazy. Whether it does or doesn't is up to us and how we use it, whether it makes our lifes a little easier or a lot easier.

Example of ideal usage: Use the G.P.S on your phone when you are lost or going to a new place that is a fair distance. If you're going across the street then do it on your own. - Let the technology make you smarter, not less smart

- As well don't be afraid of technology it is there to be a positive tool only does negatives to us if we allow it REFERENCES
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