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"Possibility of Evil" Shirley Jackson

No description

NithusaN R

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of "Possibility of Evil" Shirley Jackson

Periwinkle Publishing (PWP) "The Possibility of Evil" by Shirley Jackson 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Introduces Mrs. Strangeworth and the town.
Morning and bright mood. Says she knows everything and everybody in the town. Is at the post office and drops one letter Writes letters based on the problems
and issues within the townspeople. Roses are destroyed Talks to people around the town No denouement or resolution Plot graph of "The possibility
of Evil". Character Setting Story Elements Ms. Adela Strangeworth -Kind
-Two-faced Fresh, bright and sunny morning.

Small town Plot Point of View People Vs. People

Ms. Strangeworth writes letters
about the various issues the townspeople have. Third person. Theme Hypocrisy or
Back-biting Why Our Company is the Best? Most of the books published by
Periwinkle Publishing have been
#1 best sellers according to the
New York Times. Our stories always contain suspense. Our stories are unique. We have sold over 500 thousand copies of our books in little time. Why our cover represents the story the best? The cover contains symbols in order to not reveal the full story. The title stands out in the background. It is very simple. Not too much and it is easy to understand. Literary Terms! Symbol: is used by naming the main character Mrs. Strangeworth. This name represents that this character is unordinary. Symbol: when she used her dull stub pencil to write the letters instead of her golden fountain pen. This represents that the letters she was writing were not important to her. Foreshadowing: The title gives us clues that even though Ms. Strangeworth may seem nice she still might be evil. Irony: Ms. Strangeworth seemed very kind and caring but ironically turned out to be mean and nasty. Symbol: her roses were a symbol of her family tradition because she said to tourists that her grandmother planted the roses in her garden and her mother tended them just as she does now. Foreshadowing: when Ms. Strangeworth dropped the third letter at the post office the author foreshadowed that someone will find out the letter was from her. More Literary Terms Members: Maria, Farah, Nithusan, Ashraf Thank You.
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