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introduction to the book of ezekiel

Jeremy Thompson

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of ezekiel

Judgment against Israel (1-24)
Judgment against foreign nations (25-32)
1. As with Isaiah and Jeremiah, we once again find oracles against foreign nations in Ezekiel
2. Tyre is a focus of these oracles
3. The pattern is one of pride leading to a fall
Love for Israel (33-48)
1. YHWH the Good Shepherd - Ch 34
- Shepherd imagery in the OT implies kingship
- This is the case in most Ancient Near Eastern cultures
2. The Valley of the Dry Bones - Ch37
- Views of the afterlife in Ancient Israel varied significantly
- Many scholars agree that there is no personal ressurection in the OT until the Book of Daniel
- In the valley of the dry bones, thought does begin to move in that direction
3. New Jerusalem - Ch 40-48
- Has an edenic character
- Reformed and pure worship
- Kings role is primarily to provide for sacrifices
1. Ezekiel 16 is one of the most problematic OT texts related to gender (similarly Ch 23)
- As with the issue of violence, this issue is more complex than simply attributing the OT to a patriarchal society
- There are texts that appear to denigrate women to some degree; however, there are other texts that are subversive to these ideas
2. Ch 18 - depicts Ezekiel as a watchman and emphasizes personal responsibility (contra - Ex 34:6-7)
3. Ch 24 - this section ends with the destruction of Jerusalem
- A very difficult symbolic speech act is performed to demonstrate YHWH's feelings about the conquering of Judah and destruction of Jerusalem
1. Chapters 1-11 framed by visions of the glory of YHWH
- the opening visions are very strange and give rise to much later speculation
- the overall point is that YHWH is on a throne that moves from place to place

2. Like Isaiah and Jeremiah, Ezekiel performs a number of symbolic speech acts (examples in Ch 4)
Difficult gender related texts
1. Genesis 3:16 - husband will "rule over you"
2. Exodus 20:17 - decalogue; wife treated as property
3. Leviticus 12:1-5 - female daughter causes longer periods of ritual impurity
4. Ezra 9-10 - divorce of foreign wives
Subversive gender related texts
1. God as mother - Isaiah 66:13
2. Matriarchs - wife sister narratives demonstrate that they are necessary for the patriarchal promises
3. Prophetesses, nazirites and female tribal leaders
- Miriam, Deborah, Huldah, Noadiah
- Female nazirites - Numbers 6:2
- Deborah the "judge"
4. Jael and later Judith are women who are strong in battle
5. The Book of Ruth
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