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japan tattoos

No description

david shipway

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of japan tattoos

Jap Tats Who wore tattoos in japan and why?
The first record of Japanese tattooing as punishment was mentioned in a history. that reads: "The Emperor summoned before him Hamako, Muraji of Azumi and commanded him saying: You have plotted to rebel and overthrow the state. This offence is punishable by death. I shall, however, confer great mercy on you by remitting the death penalty and sentence you to be tattooed." who wore tattoos in japan and why? what were the meanings of the tattoos? What were the meanings of the tattoos?

The Japanese tattoo masters also continued to tattoo Japanese clients illegally, but after the middle of the 19th century, their themes and techniques remained unchanged. Classical Japanese tattooing is limited to specific designs representing legendary heroes and religious motifs which were combined with certain symbolic animals and flowers and set off against a background of waves, clouds and lightning bolts. what were the tattoos of?

the tattoos were of animalsand elemants. what tools or techniques were used to create the tattoos?

traditional japanese hand tattoos are called teboria set of needles attched to the end of a handle made of wood or metal. the tool is diped in ink
and tapped in to the skin.
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