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Digital Rights and Repsonsibilites

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Tony Pham

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Digital Rights and Repsonsibilites

What are digital rights and responsibilities?
Being a digital citizen, there are freedoms that are given to anyone on the digital world, which is like how there is a constitution in America, but they also come with responsibilities.
What are some digital rights?
Digital citizens on the online world have rights. People on the internet shouldn't have to be restricted from things like their rights. Digital citizens have a right to privacy, expression, recognition for personal works, digital access, our identity, and more...
What are the digital responsibilities?
With the rights that we have, also comes our responsibilities in the digital world. We should report (cyber)bullying, harassing, or identity theft if we can. We should cite works that we used for researching and resources. We should legally download things such as music, movies, or videos and not pirate them. We should keep our secret data/ information away from hackers. We should not falsely identify ourselves in anyway.
Our Website
Digital Rights & Responsibilities
By: Tony Pham and Daniel Kumi
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