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Engaging Learners With Instructional Technology in Nursing Education

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Deb Gardner

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Engaging Learners With Instructional Technology in Nursing Education

Instructional Technology in Nursing Education
My Nursing Background
Teaching Our Gen Y Learners
Demographically speaking, who are they?
Session Objectives
Learner characteristics?
Why is this important to understand?
Productivity Tools
Assessment (CFUs)
How do I choose instructional technology resources?
Cross discipline
Learning curve
Multi platform/Multi device
Session Learning Objectives
What is it?
How do I use it?
Chrome Bookmark Bar
(and other Google tools)
What do you mean "
" tools?
Born 1981-1999
1 in 5 have at least one immigrant parent
Roughly 30% of the American population
Most diverse generation in our history - 34% are non-white or Latino
Collaborative; enjoy working in groups/teams
Came from very structured K-12 environment
Work well with clear expectations
Value timely feedback
Appreciate when learning is connected to real world scenarios

And still more characteristics of today's learner:
Often seek information/confirmation using online resources (many times on mobile devices)
Technology touches most aspects of their lives (getting news, transportation, socializing and yes, learning)
Prefer to learn in their own time and on their own terms
Seek immediate answers
Multi-task (cognitive toggle)
Poll Everywhere
Today's Meet
Given what we know about our students, instructional technology will help create learning environments that:
Meets the needs for the task at hand
Digital tools that help us:
save time
provide greater accessibility
share resources
stay organized
What is it?
How do I use it?
Think about how you might use Feedly to monitor digital publications. Are there any blogs, websites or other digital resources that you regularly read?
Think about how you might use Diigo to save (bookmark), categorize and/or annotate digital resources.
What is it?
How do I use it?
Collaborative documents that allow your students to co-write and peer edit.
You can view who contributed what and when and then add in line comments
Basically like "office" in the cloud (PPT, EXL, Forms, etc.)
What is it?
How do I use it?
Think about how Poll Everywhere could be used:
What is it?
Let's hear more about it.
Socrative can be tied to student names and would be a good fit for exit tickets to measure mastery on the day's learning objectives.

Let's give it a try
room 17204


What is it?
Flipping the Classroom
What is it?
What is it?
How do I use it?
What is it?
How do I use it?
Concept mapping (non linguistic representation) is a research-based strategy that improves student achievement.
What is it?
How can you use it?
Create your own videos and upload to YouTube. Include in Canvas or as a quick case study to kick off class.

Cloud based, collaborative, concept mapping software
Search YouTube for credible and appropriate videos. (bookmark in Diigo or mark as a Favorite in YouTube)
Use in conjunction with Flipping the Classroom
A form of blended learning

students learn new content

watching video lectures, outside of class

What used to be homework is now done in class

teacher offering more personalized guidance and interaction
with students,
instead of lecturing
Anytime, anywhere learning for students
Access to course and learning analytics
Easy to update and customize content from semester to semester
Helps creates resourceful, self-initiating, accountable students
Enhances communication between student and teacher
Integration with Google docs and other Web 2.0 technologies


learning characteristics
of millennial learners
explain how utilizing instructional technology
helps meet the learning needs
of our students
identify two digital tools to
work more productively
as a nursing educator
identify two digital tools to
check for understanding
identify two digital tools to
optimize and organize instruction

engage them in
(not passive) learning
measure their understanding through
timely checks for understanding
multiple ways
for them to make connections, question and synthesize what they are learning
How do I use it?
as a general check for understanding during critical points during the lecture to engage and check for understanding

in conjunction with student pair-shares to help students process and solidify their understanding (Purdue/Biology)

at the beginning of class as a "hook" or to "poll" your students for prior knowledge. Let's take a look at how I used it last week in
What Now?
Pick one (if you're ready to charge ahead, pick one from each group)
Don't be afraid to make mistakes (even in front of students)
Collaborate with each other and share what you know
If you're not sure, Google it and find the joy in learning.
They know how to Facebook, Tweet, Pin and Facetime but.... that doesn't mean they know how to learn with technology.
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