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Elizabeth Barrett Browing

power point all about Eliabetth Barrett Browing

Barrett Rice

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Elizabeth Barrett Browing

Born: March 6, 1806 at Coxhoe Hall near
Durham, Durham in England.
Died: June 29, 1861 in Florence, Italy of a severe
chill. Elizabeth Barrett
Browning Browning was born to Edward Moulton-Barrett and Mary Graham Clarke Moulton-Barrett.
Was the oldest of 12 children
Edward Moulton - Barrett was an extremely controlling of his children and didn't them move away of marry
Was born and grew up at Coxhoe Hall in Durham, Durham England Lifetime
Accomplishments Affects/Impacts on Society & Historical
Significance Family History Major Life Events Famous Poems Sources Her brother Edward drowned - His death caused Browning to only associate with a small, intimate group of family & friends. Became sick -
Developed lung problems which stayed with Browning for the rest of her life.
Fell off her pony while riding - The pain was so bad that she was prescribed opium, which she was addicted to for the rest of her life.
Robert Browning wrote Elizabeth about her poems and professed his love for not only her writing, but for her as well - Robert & Elizabeth exchanged a total of 574 love letters, married, moved to Florence, Italy, & bore one son whom they named Robert after his father. Sonnets from the Portuguese (44 Petarchan love sonnets, writen during her courtship with Robert from 1845 & 1846)
Aurora Leigh which is now considered an early feminist text
Became extremely involved in Italian politics and many politicians consulted with her. How Do I Love Thee
A Child Asleep
Aurora Leigh
A Dead Rose
A Woman's Short Comings
A Though For A Lonely Death Bed
Chorus Of Eden Spirits
A Man's Requirements "Elizabeth Barrett Browning."Encyclopedia Britanica. Encyclopedia Britanica Online. Encyclopedia Britanica Inc., 2012 Web. 03 Dec 2012
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"Elizabeth Barrett Browning." - Poets.org. N.p.,n.d. Web. 04 Dec. 2012

{ All Sources Are In MLA format } Any
Questions? Was one of the first poets involved in the romantic movement
Protested the mistreatment of women and children that went on during the 1800's through her poetry
Became one of the most well - known poets of her lifetime
Was held in high esteem by many Italian politicians, many of whom consulted her
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