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Week 3 Overview

No description

melissa paganini

on 26 December 2014

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Transcript of Week 3 Overview

Week 3 Overview
Learning Objectives
Compose a thesis statement for an academic essay that makes a claim and supports it with examples.
Construct an outline for a research paper.
Use thesis building skills through interactive practice.
Thesis statement
thesis Generator
Thesis = Topic + Opinion+ 3 Supporting Main Points

Don't be alarmed the thesis is one sentence of 25 words or less. It will summarize your entire essay. Be sure to incorporate three main and focused points in your thesis.
Thesis Statement and Outline Assignment
I. The outline is an extension to the thesis.
A. Your outline will take these three main points from your thesis and put them into sentences.
1. Under these main points, you can add detail and information including examples to demonstrate your points.
Chatpers 11 & 13 Bedford Researcher
Participating in discussions with your peers will help you succeed and be team players, live in a peaceful community and society, and help educate the youth. Take your role seriously.
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