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Washington's Administration

No description

Mr Catullo

on 5 February 2018

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Transcript of Washington's Administration

As the nation's first Prez, I did some pretty awesome stuff! Oh... excuse me... My phone is blowing up...
I Can
Learning Goals!! WAHOO!
"I can explain how actions of early presidential administrations created a strong Federal government, provided peaceful transitions of power, and repelled a foreign invasion"
Tell me who Washington was
Describe the Whiskey Rebellion (cause & effect)
Explain the Neutrality Proclamation & how Jefferson & Hamilton disagreed
Describe Jefferson/Hamilton differences re: debt and national bank
Brief Bio/Fast Facts
Hey sweetie, hows ur day? Remember, as the nation's 1st leader, lots of what u do will be
: an action or decision that sets an example for later generations.
Georgie? U ok?
Sry Martha...Little busy... Remember that tax on whiskey Congress passed a little while ago??
The Whiskey Rebellion
Farmers who made small batches of whiskey (type of alcohol) to trade with others.
1791, Congress passed a tax on American-made whiskey

Farmers who made whiskey couldn't pay the tax and were MAD

1794: Protesters refused to pay, tarred & feathered tax collectors (sound familiar??? But is it...)
Washington viewed this as a THREAT to federal authority

He gathered 13,000 men from militias to scare the rebels

The rebels ran off, no battle happened
The Washington Administration
I'm the first "First Lady"
"Washington thought the rebels threatened a strong Federal government, so he sent a militia to stop them... no battle occurred!"
Let's compare to our "I Can..."
"Actions of early Presidents created a strong federal/national government"
Can you make a connection between these statements?
This job is too stressful!
It's NBD. We stopped the rebellion without a war- now they know they have to listen to Congress!
The federal government is STRONG, bae
! But there's some other drama I have to deal with. Gonna B home late 2nite. That France v. Great Britain war is causing probs.
Don't tar and feather me, you brutes!
Did you calm things down, at least?

What r u gonna do?
BOOM! Another win for a strong federal government! We gotta stay away from the foreign dramz.
What was happening?
France & Britain were at war!
thought we should help France because they helped us win the Revolutioanry War but they didn't have a strong leader.

said our Treaty of Paris with Britain meant we should keep peace with them (NOT help France!)
What does it mean to remain neutral??
What'd Washington do?
He created the
Neutrality Proclamation
It said
we shouldn't help ANY
foreign country. Our young nation and military were
too weak to lend a hand
. We should be NEUTRAL.
The Federal Executive power is
If someone ignores the proclamation & offers help, they face punishment
NICE! Do Jefferson and Hamilton have 2 debate and disagree on everything? I just heard them arguing about the national debt the other day...
Government Power!
Loose or Strict Construction?
View on citizens?
The nation had MAJOR debt, both to other countries & citizens
Hamilton: Take on state debt (give states a fresh start) and repay all foreign debts.
Jefferson: Southern states had little to no debt... they didn't want to have to help repay the debt of other states. Wasn't sure the Constitution gave Congress the power to make this plan, anyway.

Hamilton's debt plan was approved. He won southerners over by agreeing to move the nation's capital from N.Y. to Virginia!
Hamilton: Strong central/federal/national gov. Wanted to promote American business, tax imports (why???)

Jefferson: Strong state gov. Wanted to focus more on farmers and agriculture, less on business and industry.
Hamilton: Little faith in "common man," felt people don't make right decisions most of the time. Central government needs to balance the people's power.

Jefferson: Didn't think people were ALWAYS well informed, but thought the people had the right to run the country.
Jefferson is CRAZY. There's no way we should support France (or Britain!)
2. To finish the Hamilton/Jefferson chart,
grab a book a turn bottom of 305
The next video will help answer the next 4 questions. Read and answer.
Washington dealing with a French representative
answer the "stop-check"
1. Sign out and
return Chrome
You have to answer this yourself!
Loose Construction:
You can interpret the
Constitution in different
ways. Don't have to follow
the Constitution to the
Strict Construction:
Follow the Constitution
and don't make changes unless
it is absolutely necessary.
Wanted a national bank so government could safely deposit its money
Bank could make loans to government and businesses
Also wanted to build a national mint (make $)
20 year charter (if it doesn't work, the government can get rid of it
Each state should also have its own bank so the national bank would not become too powerful
Constitutional: Article 1, Section 8 says- Congress has power "to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper." (Elastic Clause)
Thought the Constitution did not give power for government to create a bank
Necessary and proper clause should be used in special cases
Bank was NOT a necessity in Jefferson's view
Washington agreed with Hamilton
Hamilton was right, the bank helped stabilize our economy
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