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Food and Beverage Personnel

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Randel JIm Quiatzon

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Food and Beverage Personnel

Side Work Duties
of Food and Beverage
Personnel Reporting the................ Food and Beverage Manager 1. Ensure that consumable and non-consumable goods are ordered, correctly stored and issued to the various departments.
2. Ensure maximum security in all areas under your control and that staff are fully aware of the importance of key security.
3. Ensure that bands and musicians are available when required.
4. Be fully conversant with all statutory requirements regarding a food and beverage operation, that all licenses, including special licences, are timeously applied for and that the conditions affecting the issues of a liquor licence are not jeopardised.
5. Ensure that regular stock takes are conducted. 6. Prepare and submit on the required format all information necessary for budgeting purposes, timeously and accurately.

7. Ensure that an effective table reservation system is in operation.

8. Circulate throughout all restaurants, bars and banqueting departments, maintaining a high profile with customers and staff.

9. To be fully aware of trends in the industry and make suggestions for improvement of the catering operation.

10. To carry out or ensure that regular On-the-Job Training is taking place to agreed standards.

11. Ensure that the most suitably qualified person is appointed in the event of a vacancy — wherever possible this should be an internal promotion.

12. Ensure that staffing levels are correct and to agreed standards and are not exceeded without prior consultation.

13. Ensure that company and statutory hygiene standards are maintained in all areas.

14. Attend timeously to customer complaints.

15. Take the necessary steps in the event of theft, burglary or fire. 16. Ensure that reports and administration requirements are timeously submitted.

17. Ensure that the Back of the House Department operates effectively and efficiently.

18. Hold regular performance appraisals with all management staff, identifying areas for development and training needs, and ensuring that this training is effected.

19. Ensure that fair discipline is effected.

20. Ensure that the causes of staff grievances are investigated and the appropriate action taken. 21. To ensure the prompt and efficient service of all meals, snacks, functions and beverages to the required standards.

22. Ensure that profit margins are maintained, agreed costs are not exceeded through effective control systems, including issuing against dockets, sales analysis, menu costings and cash checks.

23. Ensure that restaurants and cloakrooms are clean and well maintained, that table appointments, including flower arrangements are impeccable.

24. Ensure that waiters are always correctly and smartly dressed, that they offer professional and courteous service to their customers.

25. Ensure that bars and cloakrooms are clean and stocked with the stipulated requirements. 26. Ensure that barmen are well trained, correctly and smartly dressed and serve their customers in a professional and friendly manner.

27. Ensure that room service orders are executed promptly and that they comply with the required standards.

28. Ensure that room service staff are correctly and smartly dressed and serve their customers in a professional and friendly manner.

29. Ensure the efficient running of the banqueting department and that all banqueting rooms, including cloakrooms, are clean and tidy.

30. Ensure that fire and evacuation drills are held regularly. Assistant
Food and Beverage
Manager Conduct Meetings

Assistant food and beverage managers conduct important meetings with clients to determine the best arrangements for a meeting, conference or banquet. Duties for planning a function include deciding on the best seating, food quantity and drink menus.

Food Service Operations

An assistant food and beverage manager must assist in food service operations, including staffing, scheduling and coordinating services for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If the assistant is working in a hotel, the individual will have to work with room services to organize an effective schedule and staffing detail to help the daily routine run smoothly. Kitchen Duty
To ensure the food prepared in the dining room's kitchen is cooked thoroughly and meets customers' satisfaction, the assistant food and beverage manager works closely with the kitchen staff to ensure that the food quality, quantity, presentation and service is up to standards and will keep customers interested in returning.

Problem Solver
To provide the best customer service, the assistant food and beverage manager must make decisions that will create a positive environment for the staff to perform efficiently and for customers to have a great time in a wonderful dining setting. This includes keeping a positive outlook on decisions suggested by staff and management, opening communication lines for staff and being able to resolve conflicts between staff members. Head Waiter/Maitre d'hotel Reservations
The head waiter of a restaurant is often responsible for taking reservations for each night's service. He will also show the diners to their seats when they arrive, and explain any specials or other pertinent information.

The head waiter is responsible for hiring, firing, training and managing all dining room staff. He must supervise their work during service to ensure they are following all procedures and meeting restaurant standards. He must schedule their shifts and offer moral support where it is needed. Customer Service

When customers complain about a server or any other dining room related issues, it is the head waiter's responsibility to smooth things over. Exceptional customer service is a must for any successful restaurant, and it is imperative that each diner leaves happy.


The head waiter will be responsible for--or at least have a hand in--the overall layout, hygiene and appearance of the dining room area. The way the dining room is presented gives diners their initial introduction to the restaurant as a whole, so it is important to make a good first impression.


The head waiter must prepare reports based on the activities of the dining room and staff. He must report to the Food and Beverage Manager or Restaurant Manager and keep an open line of communication about any problems, concerns or simply the general operation of the dining room. Waiter/Waitress Greeting Customers

In some restaurants, a host or hostess greets customers and takes them to their tables. Other restaurants, however, require the waiter to greet and seat guests before serving them.

Offering and Serving Beverages and Appetizers

Upon the arrival of a group of customers, the waiter should offer beverages and appetizers. The waiter should be knowledgeable about the various soft drinks, wines and spirits the establishment offers, as well as the appetizers on the menu. The waiter places the orders and delivers the drinks and appetizers to the customers. Taking and Serving Meal Orders

One of the waiter's main duties is taking and delivering food orders. The waiter must be able to discuss the daily specials as well as the restaurant's regular menu items. A waiter should be extremely familiar with the entire menu, including which entrees come with side dishes.

Continued Service

After the meal has been delivered, the waiter pays attention to the needs of the table, re-filling drinks, taking away soiled dishes and offering napkins or other amenities the establishment offers.

Delivering the Check and Accepting Payment

The waiter totals the guest check and takes it to the customer. He also accepts payment when it is not done by a cashier and must be aware of the accepted forms of payment. Waiters usually receive a tip of 18 percent to 20 percent of the total check. Whatever the tip may be, the waiter should accept it graciously. Busboy Busing
The term busing means to clear glasses, plates and silverware, and it is usually the primary function of busboys and girls. Dishes may be cleared between courses or at the end of the meal.

Once guests have left the table, busboys and girls typically wipe the tabletop clean or replace table linens and set the table as needed for the next party. Cleaning

Before or after the restaurant opens, busboys and girls may be responsible for mopping or vacuuming the floor, taking table linens to the laundry, cleaning restrooms and taking out the garbage. On busy nights, they may also assist with dish washing and cleaning the kitchen.


Busboys and girls are often required to stock pantries, refrigerators and bars with ingredients and foodstuffs needed by cooks and bartenders

Customer Service

Busboys and girls may also assist with seating patrons and with delivering food. d'End
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