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A Simple Guide to Outstanding Leadership of Target Setting and Tracking Progress

A practical toolkit for primary leaders to use in achieving excellent leadership of data in schools.

Rob Carpenter

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of A Simple Guide to Outstanding Leadership of Target Setting and Tracking Progress

a whole school approach progress review meetings Data leadership is central to school improvement. The foremost reason for assessing pupils' learning is to provide US, as leaders and teachers with the information about what WE need to do to enable the best possible progress. Ensure that all staff are fluent in using APS.
Base progress targets on prior attainment.
Use APP when planning and assessing.
Review regularly and triangulate evidence.
Use the national progression matrices as a guide to help build a school wide view of what children can achieve. Understand APS and use prior attainment data about children as the best indicator of progress Develop a whole school understanding about what the journey of excellent progress looks like across the school for different groups of pupils.

Link this with many opportunities to moderate learning together and share examples of real progress in children's books all the time. map the progress journey Triangulate all pupil assessments with what is in pupils' books.
Moderate, moderate, moderate.
Always involve pupils in their own learning journey - they are the best judges of their own progress.
Develop a culture of feedback delivered in a climate of trust - easier said than done! its what's in the books that matters! Develop a culture of progress review that places the emphasis on what we as teachers and leaders could do differently to ensure maximum pupil progress.
Ensure the timing of progress review meetings maximizes dialogue about learning.
Bring examples of pupils books to triangulate views.
Always look at progress of vulnerable groups. Schools should assess continuously about the impact of teaching on learning and progress. Waiting until fixed points of the year can be too late for some pupils. H contact me For more information and support about achieving excellent learning, view my photo gallery:
or follow me on Twitter:

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