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The Social Expectations of a Teen Girl

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Claire Hattaway

on 28 September 2013

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Transcript of The Social Expectations of a Teen Girl

The Social Expectations of a Teen Girl
Teenage girls are expected to be skinny. Many of them feel the need to lose weight. They try to lose weight by restricted intake, binge eating, vomiting, use of laxatives or over exercising. These things can cause girls to develop eating disorders. Without treatments, eating disorders can become a serious issue and can lead to death.
Girls are expected to look pretty all the time. We're expected to wear make up, dress nicely, and everything that would make you look "prettier". Girls as young as seven years old start wearing make up. 75% of girls from 11-14 wear eyeshadow and 71% wear mascara. Fascination among pre-teens with beauty products is being encouraged by teen magazines and children's make up industry.
Girls are also expected to be athletic and be good at the sport they play. This expectation has gotten to be more of an expectation now than back then. For example, a girl would probably would not play softball in the 1700s, but now lots of girls around the US play softball. Now, in 2013, 52% of girls play an organized sport. Playing sports, along with all the other expectations, adds more stress into a girl's life.
Straight A's
Another thing teen girls are expected to do is make good grades. I know personally that this expectation adds a whole lot of stress to your life. You have to do all your homework assignments, even if it takes four hours, and you have to study for tests, quizzes, and etc. It is hard for teens to pay attention in class when we have so much energy, and we have no free time. Teens have a hard time sitting in class for more than three hours at a time.
Teen girls are expected to have lots of friends and be popular. I think it's good for you to have someone to share your thoughts with. Girls usually find a one friend who they share everything with and is their "best friend forever". Girls are friends with someone one day and then frenemies the next. We have a lot of drama and make each other mad too often, so it's really easy to make friends and lose them.
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