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Copy of Adaptive Schools: The Seven Norms of Collaborative Work

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Elizabeth Silva

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Adaptive Schools: The Seven Norms of Collaborative Work

Pausing...Allows time for thinking and enhances dialogue, discussion and decision-making.
Paraphrasing...Assists members of a group to hear and understand one another.
Posing Questions...
Posing questions...to explore and specify thinking.
Putting Ideas on the Table...
Putting ideas on the table...creates meaningful dialogue.
Adaptive Schools:
The Seven Norms of Collaborative Work

Paying Attention to Self and Others...
Paying attention to self and others...being aware what one says, how it is said, and how others respond.

Presuming positive Intentions...
Presuming positive Intentions...promotes and facilitates meaningful dialogue.
Providing Data...
Providing data...supports for constructing shared understanding; therefore collaboratively exploring, analyzing and interpreting data.
- Introduction to
the 7 Norms of

- Survey

- Activity

- Survey data review

- Closing

Paying attention to self and others:
Sometimes, stepping back and looking out from the
balcony position is the most effective
way to continue the dialogue and helps with improving our ability to understand each other.
Providing Data

*Is this a time to “table” the discussion for another time?
*Is there something you can say that can
help people understand each other?
Putting Ideas on the Table
In fact, there is much more going on under the surface

Sometimes, you think you are talking about one thing but…

Posing Questions:
Go deeper –
push the thinking
Don’t speak


But your perspective can
make all the difference…

You can look at the same situation...
Presuming Positive Intentions
Paraphrasing: Using a paraphrase starter to show that you hear and understand each other.
Do I really understand what you are saying?

Do I know what is expected of me at this time?

This is the expectation.

What am I supposed to do?

Checking for Understanding 
Posing questions: to explore and specify thinking...questions to explore perceptions, assumptions and interpretations...to invite others to inquire into their own thinking...
Review of Survey Data
Is Data relevant and / or useful?
When is it appropriate to use idea and / or take off the table?
7 Norms of Collaborative Work
1. Pausing
2. Paraphrasing
3. Posing Questions
4. Putting Ideas on the Table
5. Providing Data
6. Paying Attention to Self and others
7. Presuming Positive Intentions
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