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Decision Making

OB- Fall 2012

Trang Giang

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Decision Making

Decision Making Cognitive process of selecting a logical choice from the available options.
Every decision making process produces a final choice.
It is important for organizations to decide on optimal choices. Programmed
Decisions Non-Programmed
Decisions Standard decisions.
Repetitive same routine.
A set procedure, rules, and policies to follow.
Enable upper level managers to dictate the decisions as well as results.
Highly structured environment.
Certainty and readily available information.
Low scope of impact Restock their shelves on daily basis
Simple, repetitive routines
Follow set of procedures Restock their shelves on daily basis
Simple, repetitive routines
Follow set of procedures Point of sale system.
Reach minimum level of inventory
Wal-mart Distribution Center
Restock their shelves during non-peak shopping times/hours, which is generally from about 11:00pm through 7:00am. Non- standard decisions
Non- routine
Custom made solution
Decision made by judgment and creativity
Poor structured environment
Uncertainty and incomplete information
Analysis is required
Important A pledge of $150,000 from the company to supplement COB’s teacher salaries.
Reward and encourage MIS faculty
Ensure curriculum and students better meet their needs
Improve the relationship between Acxiom and UCA Dr. Ron McGaughey
Dr. Summer Bartczak
Dr. Ken Griffin
Dr. Jim Downey
Dr. Kaye McKinzie. Whether you should go to class tonight
Not go
Go half time
Mental Process of going to class
Pop Quiz
Extra credits
Trang's awesome presentation
Final Choice: To go to class
Important for knowledge and grades Define the problem

Identify the decision criteria

Allocate weights to the criteria

Develop the alternatives

Evaluate the alternatives

Select the best alternative Rational Decision
Making Model Need a computer

Memory and Storage, Display Quality, Better Life,Warranty, Carrying weight

Memory and Storage-5, Display Quality -8, Better Life -6,Warranty -5, Carrying weight-7

Toshiba, HP, Gateway, Mac, Dell

MacBook Air $19 per month
Staples and GSA schedule General Service Administration
independent agency
manage and support the basic functioning of federal agencies
Government contracts to provide products/services at volume discount pricing
10- year 19 pin vs. 30 pin
Smaller dock connector
Space for headphone jack
Faster, more powerful
Incompatible with older accessories
Adapter Iphone 5 How Rational Decision
Making Process Change 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr "Lightning"
8 pin vs. 30 pin
Plug in both way
More durable Updates
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