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GRCC F14 Orientation Presentation

No description

Eric Mullen

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of GRCC F14 Orientation Presentation

Financial Planning
Paying for College Expenses
New Student Orientation
Types of Aid
: Federal Programs based on economic need, academic load, length of enrollment, and cost of education. These do not usually have to be paid back.
3. Scholarships: Usually provided by private organizations and based on merit or other qualifications. These do not usually have to be paid back.
4. Loans:
Federal Direct Student Loan program based on need and cost of education. Amount borrowed and interest have to be paid back.
2. Work Study: Award to provide money for students to work on campus or with a community partner
College Financial Planning
1. Costs
Tuition & Fees
Payment Deadlines
2. Paying
3. Refunds
4. Good
Maintaining Good Standing
Attend class!
Withdrawing from class may cause you to owe back awarded funds and lose future financial aid
Complete at least 67% of classes (e.g., must complete/pass 9 out of 12 credits)
Maintain a minimum GPA (generally 2.0)
Doing this will keep you in good standing!
Financial Aid Award
Tuition & Fees
$1,200 balance
Bookstore Charges
$700 balance
RaiderCard Transfer
$650 balance
*optional, 1 time, max of $200
$3,000 balance
Based on attendance verification
2 disbursements
1st - any grant and 1/2 of loan
2nd - last 1/2 of loan
Higher One Refund Card or personal bank account
Payment/Refund Process Example
Partner organization w/ GRCC
Help students effectively plan for educational & personal expenses
All students get email invitation
Loan & finance counselors available
Many resources & tools
Sign Up Today!
* Max of $800 available in Bookstore
New Student Orientation
President's Welcome
& Financial Planning
Getting Prepared for Your First Semester at GRCC
A Great Start at GRCC!
Before the Start of Classes:
Raider Rally
Virtual Tours
Success Guide
CLS 100/PY 097
Computer Labs
Large Group Session
College Financial Planning & Campus Overview
Parking & Transportation
Bostwick and Lyon Ramps, and Barclay and Sneden Lots
First come first served
$3.50/exit with your RaiderCard - Don't pull a ticket!
Typically full by 9:00am, Monday - Thursday
Spaces don't typically open up until late afternoon
If parking during peak times, consider off-campus parking options

Success Guide p.24
Parking & Transportation
The Rapid
Route #6 picks up/drops off in front of the Fieldhouse - Direct connect to Central Station
10-Ride Passes ($9) and 31-Day Passes ($40) for sale in Student Life
Silver Line - need more info
DASH to the Hill
$200 for both Fall and Winter semesters
Guaranteed spot with free shuttle service
(M-F, 5:45am - 11:00pm)
College Avenue Lot
$200 for both Fall and Winter semesters
Guaranteed spot with free shuttle service via the Sneden Shuttle
(M-Th, 7:30am - 6:30pm)
Success Guide p.25
Accessing Financial Aid
Paying for College
Successful Repayment
Parking, Raider Card & Campus Dining
Small Group Session - Academic Planning
Academic Advising & Support Services
Register for Classes
Campus Technology
2014 Tuition Rates
Contact vs. Credit Hours
Tuition = # of contact hours x tuition rate
Resident - $106/contact hour
Non-resident - $228/contact hour
Out of State - $338/contact hour
Fees vary by program and class
See all the details on your eBill
Based on course requirements
Budget between $1,000-1,500/year (based on full time status)
GRCC Bookstore - use your Financial Aid funds for books & required supplies
Shopping around - use ISBN number for exact books match
Fall 2014 Tuition Deadlines
Enroll on or before August 6 --- Pay by August 6
Enroll between August 7-13 --- Pay by August 13
Enroll between August 14-20 --- Pay by August 20
Enroll between August 21-29 --- Pay by Midnight when you enroll
Federal Grants and Loans Start with the FAFSA
www.fafsa.gov (*make sure .gov)
FAFSA results sent to GRCC and student
50% of students selected for verification
Financial Aid Awards - Next Steps
1) Check Your To Do List
Online Center > My Financial Aid
2) View & Accept Awards
Online Student Center > Student Center > Financial Aid
Grants & Scholarships are automatically awarded
Must also review and accept Financial Aid Responsibilities Document
3) Accepting, Declining or Reducing Loans
Accept/Reduce Loans
Complete entrance loan counseling at www.studentloans.gov
Sign master promissory note or agreement to repay loan funds at www.studentloans.gov
Borrowing Tips and Basics
Reduce or avoid borrowing if you can - use grants and scholarships to pay for college expenses first.
Don’t borrow the “max” unless absolutely necessary.
Know what you owe. Keep track of your borrowing to ensure you will have enough financial aid to complete your degree.
Best rule of thumb -
overall, borrow less than your first year's salary
Use Career Coach to browse careers and see salary projections, http://www.grcc.edu/careercoach
We are here to help!
Need help making smart loan decisions? Visit the GRCC Financial Aid Office for advice

Refunds on the Higher One Card
If there are any refunds due to you after all semester charges are paid, these funds are applied to your Higher One Refund Access Card (financial aid, dropped class, etc.)
The Higher One Refund Access Card is mailed, from the cashier office, approximately two weeks before the semester begins.
The Higher One Refund Access Card must be activated online.
Debit Card, Not a Credit Card
GRCC encourages that you set up you Higher One account to deposit to your personal bank account (instead of on the card)
Financial aid is available to help with education-related costs
Not intended to cover day-to-day living expenses.
You will not receive a financial aid refund until your tuition, fees and book charges are completely paid
Some students do not have refunds until mid-semester, after the second half of the loan is disbursed - very important to budget wisely.

Campus Dining Options
Raider Grille
The Quiet Cafe

Sneden Cafe
Art & Bev's
The Heritage

= Breakfast
= Lunch
= Dinner
Parkmobile App
Pay Your Meter with an App - Avoid Parking Tickets!
Application available January
Due March 15th for next Academic Year
August 15th
Found on the Grand Rapids Community Foundation web site:
Jacob R. & Mary M. VanLoo & Lenore K. VanLoo Scholarship - given to a student who is a resident of Kent County (3 year minimum) who will be attending Grand Rapids Community College or Grand Valley State University. Must have financial need and a 3.0 minimum GPA
- See more at: http://www.grfoundation.org/
Other Resources – Michigan Works, Indian Tuition Waiver, Private Scholarships, MET or MESP, etc. If you have eligibility for these programs, the Cashier’s and Financial Aid offices can assist you.

Other Payment Options
FACTS Payment Plan – Helps break up tuition and fee costs into more manageable payments. Payments are drawn from your bank account or credit or debit card. $30 enrollment fee per semester. Enroll through your online student center.
Cash, Check, Credit Card – Payments are accepted online and at the Cashiers Office
The Rapid Silver Line
Parking & Transportation 101
Pay for Parking
Pay for Printing & Copies
Pay for Food & Vending
Check Out Books in the Library
Access the Ford Fieldhouse
Free Access for Local Museums & the Zoo
And More!
Success Guide p. 13
Success Guide p. 13
Success Guide, p. 20
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