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Among the Hidden

No description

Mary McCoshen

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Among the Hidden

Among the Hidden
Luke Garner- Main charachter and protagonist, The Garners third yet illegal child, dynamic
Mark Garner- Middle brother
Matthew Garner-Oldest brother
Luke's Mom- works at a chicken factory, originally wanted to have four kids; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
Luke's Dad- works as a farmer to support his family
Jennifer Rose Talbot (Jen)- Talbot's third shadow child, started the campaign for the shadow children, static
Jen's Step Dad (George Talbot)- Works for the population police, helps Luke get a fake ID
I personally enjoyed Among the Hidden because it had a lot of action, suspense, and drama so it made me want to keep reading . I would recommend this book to kids the age of 12-15 so they could relate to Luke with being close in age . I would also recommend this book to someone who relishes excitement and action because the whole book is filled with lots of it.
Among the Hidden
By: Margaret Peterson-Haddix
Mary McCoshen
In the book "Among the Hidden", it's more of an external conflict. The population has became controlled by the government making it illegal to have more children then the law requires . Luke is the family's third son so he really is not suppose to be exist. Therefore a major person vs society conflict would be Luke's parents violating the law. Luke eventually meets another shadow child named Jen who wants to protest against the government for all of the "hidden children" but Luke doesn't know if he wants to take action in such a dangerous event.
Thematic Statement
"Anyone can do almost anything if you try your hardest and don't give up."

While Luke is limited in his activities such as going outside, he is still determined to get involved with the outside world. He ended up meeting Jen who had her mind set on starting a rally to protest against the government. Jen was confident and didn't give up on her plan so she pursued it.
Point of view
Among the Hidden's point of view is told in third person. It is third person because the author refers to people by saying he, she, it or by saying the characters name directly.
Favorite Quotation
My favorite quotation from Among the Hidden would have to be "Hope doesn't mean anything. Action's the only thing that counts." pg. (113) Jen said that to Luke after he told her that he hopes her plan works out for her because he is second guessing the whole idea of protesting. What Jen was trying to say was taking action is the only thing you can count on for making a difference in their situation and also you can't just hope things are going to be normal without doing anything to change it.
Luke Garner is a 12 year old boy who lives in a time where the law is that each family is allowed by the government tom have two or less children and if you exceed the limit of two, the government takes your unlucky child and sentences them with the death penalty. The government made that law to keep people from starving. Fortunately but unfortunately, Luke is the third yet illegal child of the Garner family. Luke got away with being the shadow child his whole life but being the hidden one has made many restrictions on his life from keeping him safe from the outside world knowing his existence. Since Luke was very fond of his room in the attic, he discovered vents thats he was able to see outside from. After many days of observing his new neighbors that just moved in, he notices they also have a third child. For a week Luke plans out how hes going to get into his neighbors house without getting caught to meet the shadow child. When Luke finally has the courage to leave his house, he went to his neighbors to discover they have a third yet illegal named Jen. Jen tells Luke all about she and other children plan to start a rally to protest against the government that all the shadow children should have the right to live. Jen asks Luke if he wants to participate in the big event but he can't decide if he has the audacity to take part in it. Does he dare get involved in such a risky plan? Can he afford not to?
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