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Acids and Bases 8th Grade obsev. Lesson

7.3 acids and bases

Thomas Blay

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Acids and Bases 8th Grade obsev. Lesson

ACIDS & BASES acids are substances that taste sour, react with metals and carbonates, and turn blue litmus red. They increase H+ ions in solution. bases are substance that taste bitter, feel slippery, and turn red litmus blue soap Acids react with certain metals, such as magnesium, zinc and iron to produce hydrogen gas. When they react, the metals seem to disappear in the solution. strong bases can irritate/burn skin Sulfuric acid reacts with lead and lead sulfate in a battery to produce an electric current Nitric acid and phosphoric acid are used to make fertilizers for crops and lawns Oranges contain ascorbic acid, or vitamin C Ellagig acids are found in cherries apples have citric acid acids are found in vegetables and valuable products used in homes and industries many of the vitamines in the foods you eat are acids. Farmers and manufacturers depend on acids for many uses the most common bases are calcium hydroxide, ammonia, and sodium hydroxide bases have many uses in houses and industrial companies cement contains the bases calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide ammonia sodium hydroxide baking soda reacts with lemon juice to produce carbon dioxide which helps the baked goods rise glass cleaner used in the house Acids Bases- Are substances that taste bitter, feel
slippery, turn red litmus paper blue, and
increases the number of OH- ions in solution. PH Scale Ph - a value used to express
the acidity or basicity of a system. Indicators - a compound that changes
color depending on PH
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