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Iron Man

No description

Sydney Bevers

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Iron Man

Iron Man
At the age of 21 Stark's parents are tragically killed in a car accident.
Superpowers with Exoskeleton
Arc Reactor
Repulsor Rays
Super Strength
Contained Breathing
Voice Control
High Resistance Levels
veteran of U.S marine corps
Meets Iron Man after he escapes from the enemy
He assists Iron man when the battles are too big for just one man.
Consequences of arc reactor being removed
Suit destroyed=Normal Human Citizens
Iron Man's Arc Reactor
What does the Arc Reactor do?
How Close Are We to a Real Iron Man?
The "Secret" Identity
Tony captured/forced to create a doomsday weapon with Vin Sen.
Wouldn't be long before shrapnel entered his heart so Stark/Sen built a reactor that would keep the shrapnel away from his heart.
Stark then built the suit himself to help himself escape captivity
When Stark returned to America he was still just Tony.
Stark then inherits his parent's mega-conglomerate business that mostly creates weapons for the U.S military.
Shortly after all of this Stark goes to Afghanistan to a testing plant. There is an accidental explosion on the plant, and shrapnel is lodged near Stark's heart
100 people died from heart transplants
Reduces to 18 people dying from transplant
First successful pediatric heart transplant
Will beat for at least 5 years
Mechanical devices being developed
With Iron Man's suit weighing 150 pounds and Stark himself weighing 180 pounds, his boot thrusters must supply a downward force of 330 pounds just for him to be able to hover. As every action is balanced by an equal and opposite reaction, this downward force leads to an upward push on Iron Man. If he wants to accelerate, the boots must provide more force. He will only accelerate if the force exerted from the boots exceeds his weight. (F=ma)
The Life of Iron Man
My father was the greatest man the world's ever known,
Intelligent, innovative, respectable.
He worked his way to the top and established an empire
Stark Enterprises.

Initially, I didn't fancy the company
Girls, booze, parties.

Then my parents passed.
The day my parents passed my world was turned upside down.
Stark Enterprises became mine.

Things didn't get serious until Sin-Cong came for me.
Next thing I know a sharpnel was lodged next to my heart during the attack.
A day passes.
I wake up in a cell with physicist Ho Yinsen.
We put our heads together and make it.
Iron Man is born.

1st artificial heart transplant in Paris
The Life of Iron Man
With the touch of a button, I'm invincible.
Super strength.
High Resistance.
All I knew before is gone, this is who I'm born to be,
What I'm born to be.
Saving humanity from destruction, and also creating a technological revolution.
I was finally living up to who Tony Stark was suppose to be.
I didn't follow in my fathers footsteps, I navigated a way.
Humanity have no fear
Iron Man is here.
As Iron man flew higher, the atmospheric pressure would decrease as the temperature also decreases. This would cause hypothermia, and cause Iron Man to fall out of the sky. Also the Ideal Gas Law explains that as you go higher at a fast rate the gas in your body expands which could cause paralysis or death.
The Suit
Iron Man's suit has repulsor rays, a uni-beam, power jets in his boots, and it is entirely made out of the strongest metal known to man.
The only way that Stark is able to walk around in the suit and lift massive objects is through tiny transistors within his amour that increase his power tremendously. In some of the comics they refer to his repulsor rays as "reverse magnetism" which, according to solid-state physics, is not real. Although, they also refer to "top-hat transistors" which are real and were real in the 1960s when the comic was written. Therefore, some of Iron Man's powers are simply made up and others actually could be real.
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