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Paper Towns

No description

Camila Miranda

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Paper Towns

The book I read is called Paper Towns.

The author is John Green.

It was published on October 16, 2008 and it has 305 pages.
Paper Towns
Secondary Characters
Jason Worthington
Becca Arrington
Chuck Parson
Ruth Spiegelman
Connie Jacobsen
Tom Jacobsen
Josh Spiegelman
Debbie Spiegelman

Personal Info
Student Name
: Camila Miranda
: 6-A
Due Date
: October 5,6,7, 2014
Quarter & Semester
: I Quarter, I Semester
: Literature
: Mr. Valverde
: International Christian School
Main characters:
Quentin (Q) Jacobsen
: He's shy, quiet,an only child, and is 18 years old. He has dark hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin.
Margo Roth Spiegelman:
She's mysterious, she's always carrying a black notebook, has a younger sister, and is also 18 years old. She has chestnut hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.
Ben Starling:
He's Quentin's best friend, funny, likes to party, and is 18 years old. He has green eyes, pale skin, and light brown hair.
Marcus (Radar) Lincoln:
He's Quentin's other best friend, addicted to Omnictionary, is very intelligent, and is 18 years old. He has dark eyes, dark buzzed hair, and has dark skin.
Lacey Pemberton
She's one of Margo's best friends, kind of bossy, is Ben's (later in the book) girlfriend, and is 18 years old. She has olive-like skin, light eyes, and dirty blonde hair.

Paper Towns
Jefferson Street, Orlando, Central Florida: Most of the time was in Jefferson Street.

Osprey (abandoned mini mall): first two days Margo ran away. (Tuesday and Wednesday)

North Carolina: during prom night (Monday)

Agloe, New York: the next day (Tuesday)

Conflict & Resolution
Internal conflicts:
An example of an internal conflict is when Margo gets Quentin to go with her to the 'revenge night', Quentin doesn't wants to go but he doesn't wants to disappoint Margo either, so he finally goes.
And when Quentin gets mad at Ben for not caring for Margo, but he doesn't shows it.
An external conflict is when Quentin gets really preoccupied because of Margo running away.
And when Margo gets mad at all of them for finding her.
Main conflict
: The main conflict is that Margo runs away and cuts every possible contact with her friends and family.
Plot Events
: Margo is a popular girl at school. She has a lot of friends, but she always forgets about her one true friend, Quentin. They were friends since they were two, and they're also neighbors. But in school, Margo seems not to know him.

Rising action
: Margo finds out that almost all of her "friends", are not actually her friends. So she decides to get back at them at night with Quentin.

: After she gets back at the people that had hurt her, she runs away to Osprey and then to Agloe. Quentin follows all the clues she left to get to her, but it takes a long time for him to get to her.
Plot Events
Falling action
: The final clue points out that she's in Agloe, New York. So they drive there. It's a nineteen hour drive, but with all the traffic it's a twenty-one hour drive.

: After the twenty-one hour drive, they finally got to Agloe. They got to an abandoned barn and they saw Margo's car parked outside the barn. They got in and found her. At the end she says she's heading to New York, so she doesn't comes back with them but promises to send them emails and call them.
The genre of Paper Towns is mystery and suspense. It's mystery because when Margo runs away you don't know where is she going or what will she find in there.
And it is also suspense because you don't know what will happen next. The book is really unpredictable so that causes it to be suspense.
The mood of the story was dark and mysterious.
The theme of Paper Towns is that you need to be yourself no matter what, and not be a "paper person" that everybody molds the way they want you to be.
Some examples of irony and sarcasm in the story are:
1. ''What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person.''
2. When Margo calls herself a 'paper girl'.
3. "The town was paper, but the memories were not."
The narrator of the story is Quentin (the main character). The narrator is him because he writes in 1st person, he narrates from his point of view, and he doesn't know what the other characters are feeling.
: (v) To create difficulty for the
work or activity of.
Muddy roads hampered the car's way.
: (adj.) Causing or marked by an
atmosphere lacking in cheer.
Your humor is morbid.
: (n) A person who is just starting
out in a field of activity.
He was a freshman in college two years ago.
: (n) Something that serves to keep alive the memory of a person or event.
Some people want to keep a memento of
a special moment.
: (n) A small object displayed for its attractiveness or interest.
The apartment is beautiful, with every tchotchke you could imagine.

I really liked this book. I liked this book because it showed how to be the real you, not the paper you. It teaches you how to be yourself no matter what the people say, and it also shows who your real friends are. I really really liked this book.
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