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prezi about cupcakes

victoria pink

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of cupcakes

cupcakes what are cupcakes!!!!! cupcakes are little cakes made in small paper cup containers. usually made for one person to eat. they are little cakes with icing and any type of topping you can think of!!!!!! what are cupcakes for? how are cupcakes made? cupcakes are made with the same ingredients as the cake, like butter,sugar,eggs.flour usually frosting and other cake decorations. cupcakes are made to serve anywhere anytime they are usually made for little children"s party, but they can be eaten anywhere. cupcakes are really easy to eat because they are small and can be eaten anywhere. careful, cupcakes have icing and allot of sprinkles and little cupcake pieces of cupcakes can spill !!!!!! what kinds of cupcakes are there ? there are many cupcakes so many you cant even count there are tons of mixed cupcakes like chocolate with chocolate, or vanilla with chocolate, there are tons of cupcakes like the following pictures on the bottom. who invented cupcakes one food historian. Andrew smith. claims that
the first cupcake recipe was published in the
1876, but we may never know who invented
this yummy treat, the name cupcake comes
from the amount of the ingredients used, plus the fact that they were made in little cups. where to get cupcakes???? watch how to make cupcakes here cupcake ATMS there are many places to get cupcakes but if you do not want to go to a store or a bakery to get cupcakes there are cupcake ATMS they are machines out in public where they are just like money ATMS you just get money from but instead you have cupcake ATMS and they just give you cupcakes instead of money so it is helpful when you do not want to go to a bakery or a shop TO GET cupcakes. cupcakes
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